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Hi all, today I thought I’d share with you which YouTubers I am watching lately  because I spend far too much of my time on youtube, I’m sure some of you can relate.

Erin Henry

Erin is a business coach that helps woman become the girlboss they were meant to be. I love Erins energy and her passion.

Erin has videos covering how to start your own business to how to study for exams and all sorts of great stuff in between. I recommend watching How to Make a Vision Board and Actually Use It, linked below.

Christian Hull

Christian does the most absolutely hilarious videos and I am obsessed with his sense of humour. He does a lot of videos about people in the workplace, be it hospitality or retail etc  and all the stupid things they have to deal with.

I can relate to him so much sometimes, especially when it comes to the topic of eating 2 dinners, one of his recent videos.

I recommend watching Oh Boy Does This Piss Me Off below.


Muchelle B

Muchelle is probably my favourite youtuber at the moment, I have been binge watching her videos. Muchelle follows a minimalist lifestyle and vlogs about following minimalism and incorporating it into your life.

Muchelle also does a lot of great videos on subjects like increasing your productivity or how to be more positive.

I recommend watching 20 Ways to Treat Yourself Without Money.



I’d love to know which youtubers you have been watching lately and who you recommend so let me know in the comments below.

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3 responses to “YouTubers I’m Watching

    • Michelle

      Not a problem, I am glad you liked it.I highly recommend all of Muchelles stuff, she is so inspiring.

  1. I’m not much of a fan of YouTube but the Christian Hull video you linked in hilarious 😀 Why do people try to get on the train before you’ve gotten off??? Wwwhhhhyyyy???