Wonderland by Robert McKay

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Wonderland Book Cover Wonderland
Intergalactic Fairy Tales #1
Robert McKay
Young Adult Science Fiction
McKay Manor Publishing
August 20th 2015
Sent by author

Teenage Alice didn’t mean to end up on Wonderland, but the living spaceship she commandeered had other plans, and he was very late.

Abandoned on an unfamiliar planet, Alice’s first day as a space pirate has fallen into madness. Caterpillars? Mad hatters? A Jabberwock? A queen known for chopping off heads? Alice must face all Wonderland can throw at her if she’s to take back possession of The White Rabbit and leave Wonderland in one piece.

* A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I’m not the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland, at least in book form. I know to some people that would be mortal sin, but I grew up watching the Disney film and then the Tim Burton version—a mix of those is how I imagined the book to be, but I was disappointed. My point is, going into Wonderland I was a little nervous. I absolutely love sci fi books, but the Alice side of things worried me. As you’re about to see, I had no reason to worry.

Firstly, let’s talk about the sci fi aspect. I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been in a massive space kick. I think it had something to do with Illuminae, and seeing The Force Awakens—whatever it is, this was exactly the book I was looking for. I loved how the characters from the original got turned into all sorts of science fiction-y things, or were changed by the different setting in other ways. I honestly wish the original Alice was set in space, because this was just so much fun. There were some really great lines and moments that had me laughing out loud, and there was a particular moment that might have made me tear up. Maybe. (Absolutely.)

Like I mentioned, the characters were all a little different from the original. It’s interesting that the only characters I liked from the original were still my favourite in this—the Chesire Cat and the Mad Hatter, of course, but for different reasons. I definitely liked Alice a whole lot more in this—she still has that childish aspect to her, but I didn’t find her half as annoying as the original Alice. I loved the character, Lyla—she was incredible, and just so much fun to read about. I’d like a whole book about Lyla, please and thank you!

Is Lewis Carroll going to haunt me if I say I think I enjoyed this more than the original? Is a hoard of angry fans going to attack me? The story is different from the original so you can’t really compare, but I think the sci fi element was just more ‘me’ than the weird, wacky world from the original novel. Maybe readers who love the original won’t like this, or maybe they would. Personally, I prefer this one.

Thank you to Robert McKay for sending me a copy of Wonderland to review.


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3 responses to “Wonderland by Robert McKay

  1. Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest Alice fan either. I tried watching the Disney movie as a teenager for the first time and…no, just no. It wasn’t my favourite. I like the strangeness of it, but I could never get into it.

    Maybe this book would be more interesting! It kind of reminds me of Cinder and the space travel in that series. Thanks for sharing!