What’s on my Netflix Watchlist, Part Two

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More than a year ago I did a post about some of the TV shows on my Netflix watchlist, and today I thought I’d share a few more. This time I chose three TV shows and three movies, just to mix it up a bit. So without futher ado…

The Expanse

I don’t know much about this one at all other than it’s a sci-fi show. I love me a good sci-fi, but it’s been a while since I’ve found one I really, really loved. I hope this one turns out to be good!

Terra Nova

Honestly, I saw this had dinosaurs in it and I added it to my list. I think the only things I’ve actually seen with dinosaurs is the Jurassic Park movies and The Land Before Time movies. Am I excited for this? Yes. Do I have high hopes? Not really.

The Fall

One of the girls in my Honours class is writing her thesis about this show and it sounds so interesting that I added the show to my watchlist. I know basically nothing about it, but I’m 100% here for it.

Pan’s Labyrinth

This is one that I’ve been eyeing off for a while and have just been waiting to be in the mood for it. I hadn’t realised it was on Netflix until I went searching for Labyrinth, because I was in desperate need of Bowie. I’m hoping to finally get to this in the next week or so.

The Craft

I’ve never seen this and I feel like that’s something that needs to be fixed. I believe there are rumours of a remake of this, so I’d like to see the original.


Coming off the back of seeing Wonder Woman, I’m suddenly very much in the mood for superhero movies. This is one that I haven’t seen yet, but am very interested in. I know almost nothing about it, but I’m in anyway.

So there’s that. Have you seen any of these shows? Are any of them on your list? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

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5 responses to “What’s on my Netflix Watchlist, Part Two

  1. Pan’s Labyrinth and The Craft are such different movies but I really enjoy them both! Watchmen is good but loooonnggg, so be prepared for that 😀

  2. I loved The Expanse! It’s definitely good Sci-Fi with very fascinating characters. I cannot wait until the next series is available to stream!

    • I haven’t seen Queen of Katwe. I saw it today in store and I almost picked it up because I remembered your comment. I had to limit myself because I’d alredy picked up four others.

  3. I actually really liked Terra Nova back when it came out! Will forever be sad that it never got renewed. 🙁