Wake Me Up Inside by Lee Bice-Matheson

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Wake Me Up Inside Book Cover Wake Me Up Inside
Paige Maddison #1
Lee Bice-Matheson
YA Paranormal
July 9th 2012

Wake Me Up Inside is a ghost story centered around Paige Maddison, a strong teen-age heroine. Paige is disturbed by nightmares of places she has never seen, and visions of a girl haunting her dreams. She is angry because she must move with her parents to an estate called O'Brien Manor, to help her estranged grandparents, one of whom is in ill health.

As luck would have it, Paige meets Bradley Adam Parkman. Together they explore the estate and although they experience paranormal activity, neither one wants to discuss it in case the other would find them crazy.

Paige stumbles onto a forgotten cemetery and a piece of a stone tablet. She is instantly curious and obsessed with what it is? During this quest, her grandfather's health fails and Paige bears the burden of solving a family secret which is tied to an evil spirit haunting the estate.

Will Paige uncover the mystery of O'Brien Manor before it's too late? It's a page turner and will leave you feeling haunted.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I didn’t know too much about Wake Me Up Inside before I starting reading. I knew it was paranormal, but there’s so many different aspects to that genre that I had no idea where this might go.

The whole thing started off a little cliché—our main character, Paige, is moving towns with her parents to look after her mysterious grandparents, whom she hasn’t seen in years. I’m sure everyone can think of at least one book that follows that same premise. After that, it was very different to anything I’ve read before. I’m kind of a scaredy cat, so there were a few moments that creeped me out.

On the whole I liked the characters. This is a very family based story, which I personally loved. I especially liked the big role Paige’s grandparents played. I’m very close to both sets of my grandparents, so I loved seeing Paige’s relationship with hers. I have to say that I wasn’t a big fan of Brad—he just felt a little flat to me.

I will say that this felt more like it was written for a younger audience that YA. Paige is a teenager, but sometimes the writing felt a little more like middle grade—not that that’s a bad thing. If you’re looking for something quick and a little creepy to read, this would definitely be a good choice!

Thank you to Lee Bice-Matheson for sending me a copy, and Mark Shaw for organising it.


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