All about Visions Boards

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What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a board (or wall or paper etc) that is covered in pictures and quotes of things in your life that you desire. The aim of the vision board is to help you bring your goals in life to fruition through the act of visualisation. For example if your goal was to get fit you could put images of really fit people you aspire to be like.

How do I make a Vision Board?

Making a vision board is a process that I find really fun and exciting. I have recently just made my second ever board and found that whilst making it my excitement and motivation to achieve my goals just grew and grew.

Okay onto the making:

What you need: Scissors, Magazines or Print outs from the internet, push pins and a corkboard ( some people also stick pictures to their wall with blue tac)

Step 1: Find the images you want to use fore your board this can be done looking through magazines, books or pictures on the internet. I found my images using Pinterest.

Step 2: Print or cut out your pictures

Step 3: This is the fun part, now you get to layout all your pictures the way you want them to look on your board. It can take a little bit of time to find the best layout for you so I suggest not sticking anything down or using any push pins for this part.

Step 4: Once you are happy with the layout go ahead and either glue your pictures or use your push pins to set them in place.

Step 5: You have finished making your board but there is still a vital step, you need to make sure that your board is in a location that you will easily look at every day. Mine is on my bookshelves and is a main focal point in my room. You could put it in an your office at work if you have one , above your bed or anywhere that you think will be optimal.

Above I’ve included a picture of my vision board so you can see an example, my board is relevant for me your will be different and geared towards you.

How do I use a Vision Board?

I haven’t nailed this part yet if I am going to be honest with you because using vision boards is still a new process for me, but I believe in them.

From what I understand when you are looking at your vision board you need to visualise what you desire and create emotion to do so.  So it is not enough to simply look at your board and what you want will happen, you need to have strong feelings thoughts and emotions towards your goals.

What I like to do is think of something I am really grateful for and once I feel I have the right emotional vibe I then visualise what I desire.

For a better explanation on using vision boards I strongly suggest watching Erins video below:


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2 responses to “All about Visions Boards

  1. Vision boards are so cool! I love the idea of them…for me, making one is feasible, but I probably would just stare at it, and not really get into that emotional vibe? If I do create one, I reckon I should put it where I study – that’s usually where I get a strong sense of the things I want to accomplish! Great post <3