TV Shows You Should Have Been Watching, Like Yesterday!

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Hey All,

At the beginning of our blog Ely and I mentioned we not only wanted to write posts about books but also include posts about our other interests like food, music and tv.  Whilst we will remain primarily book related it’s good to mix things up a bit, so today I bring you TV shows you should have been watching, like yesterday!

poiPerson of Interest:

This should follows ex-CIA agent Reese and Computer genius and billionaire Harold as they team up to save lives with the aid of the worlds first ever artificial intelligence. This show is action packed and just ASASBFKJABSFBJVB!! SO GOOD. I don’t know enough people that also watch this considering the show has had 4 seasons with the 5th to be announced. If you like action, blurred lines between bad and good guys, drug bosses and corrupt governments you’ll love this show. Also Jim Caviezel is bae.


This show is a fairly new show with only one season out  and is a Netflix original show. This is a Sci-Fi show that follows eight people from all different parts of the globe that can suddenly see, feel and experience eachothers lives. The characters spend the show discovering what their new connection is and helping one another out with each of their own problems. This show starts a little slow but by the end is gripping and I am happy to say it has been picked up for a second season.

 Rick and Morty:

For those of you who are like me and also enjoy cartoons (NOT JUST FOR KIDS) then I recommend Rick and Morty. The show follows alcoholic scientist Rick and his none to smart grandson Morty as they go on interdimensional/space adventures. I would consider it a mix of Futurama and Adventure Time. The first season is already out and season 2 has just started.betterrickandmorty

Veronica Mars:vmars1

Ahh this show makes me so nostalgic. To be honest the show isn’t even that old but I was about 11 when I first saw it soooooo yeah. I have re-watched this series so many times and was so excited when they made a movie 7 years after the show was cancelled. The show follows our spunky leading lady Veronica Mars as she helps her dad with his private investigative business whilst also trying to solve the murder or her best friend which systematically led  her family to become outcasts. Veronica is witty and sarcastic and the mystery and crime solving elements in this show are great 10/10 would recommend.

 Last Week Tonight:

And lastly a show unlike all the others, Last Week Tonight is a political satire show hosted by Comedian John Oliver. If you are interested in learning about the injustices of the world and recent events then this is the place to go. Oliver not only has very important and poignant things to say but he is also hilarious. I 100% always learn something watching this show and I have fun doing it.


What are some shows you recommend to me? I will be doing more of these recommendation segments in the future so keep a look out for those. What kind of topics would you like to see me recommend stuff on? Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, NOW GO TO NETFLIX!


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5 responses to “TV Shows You Should Have Been Watching, Like Yesterday!

  1. I don’t have netflix 🙁 I haven’t started watching or ever heard of any of these shows before! DD: I think that should be a crime. And reminds me how much I need to get with it. The shows I really like are Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Supernatural and Doctor Who!

    • Michelle

      I’ll be doing more TV Show recs in the future so if you are after a list of what to get with keep reading! But if you ever get the chance totallt check out any one of these shows 🙂 I love Supernatural !

  2. I have been watching Sense8! Though I haven’t had the time to finish watching it because I’ve been so incredibly busy.

    YES YOU SHOULD WATCH BOB’S BURGERS. ALSO NOT FOR KIDS. IT IS A GREAT SHOW. So much better than Family Guy, South Park, and all that. 🙂

    • Michelle

      When you get the time you should absolutely get around to finishing Sense8 I felt like it got better as it went along and it’s 100% worth it.
      Bobs Burgers has actually been on my list for ages I will get to it eventually thanks Val 🙂

  3. I think one of Sense8’s strengths was precisely the slow start combined with the way Netflix releases its seasons, because it allowed the viewers to really get to know the main characters and their stories, without having to wait weeks for the plot to really kick off since they could just watch the next episode right away (I’m assuming this is what a lot of people did, it’s certainly what I did).