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We say this almost every Tuesday, but Michelle and I like to stand out from the Top Ten Tuesday crowd. We like to change and adapt the topics so we can talk about what we want to. If there’s anything you need to know about Michelle it’s her hatred of book to movie adaptations, so when I saw this week’s topic, I thought it was probably best we come up with something else to talk about. So here we are with our top ten TV shows we’re currently watching.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
If you saw my October Wrap-Up you will have seen that I recently developed an obsession with this show. I watched all of season one and two in about three or four days. I’ve now seen every aired episode, and I’m just waiting to see where the story is going next.

Les Revenants
Some of you may have heard of the US show ‘The Returned’, well this is the original French version. I binge-watched the entire first season while I was in Barcelona with my cousin back in July, and I’ve been desperately waiting for season 2. It’s finally out, and I’m so excited to be back in this story. And yes, I’m one of those people who loves subtitles.

I admit, I’m not loving this. I’m seven episodes into the first series, but I actually struggle to make it through each episode. I only started watching this because John Barrowman is in it, and he is one of my favourite actors/people ever. (I just want Torchwood back, alright?)

I was super mega excited for this to start airing. As of right now I’ve only seen a few minutes of the pilot but I’m looking forward to actually sitting down and watching it once I’ve done all the stuff I need to.

Downton Abbey
I watched this while it aired until about season 3 when I decided I didn’t like it anymore. I started rewatching season 2 the other day because I wanted something set in WWI. I don’t know that I’ll continue after this season since I already know my favourite character is going to die, but we’ll see.


South Park- Just one of the many cartoons I love to bits. This latest season of South Park is keeping up with all the vile jokes and risque stories but that’s why we love it right? This show may be very crude but there is often a point in every episode and a good laugh to be had.


Ash Vs the Evil Dead – If you have ever watched the old Horror movies Evil Dead then this is pretty much a continued story but much later on. It is a horror comedy and some of the makeup and effects are the best I’ve seen. If you are in for a laugh and are nostalgic for old horror then I’d give it a go.


How to Get Away With Murder- Soooo I haven’t actually started watching season 2 of this yet but I have the first episode sitting on my computer waiting for me when the time is right. I am pretty excited about this show coming back as I marathoned the last season it was so full of twists and turns. hotto

American Horror Story: Coven – So I used to watch AHS weekly rain hail or shine but something happened and I just stop watching. Now season 5 is out and I’m stuck on 3 and even though this show has no continuous story I still want to finish Coven first just for piece of mind. This is not for under 15’s so just keep that in mind as there are large horror elements.ahs-coven-fx

Master of None – Well it’s currently 12:18 am as I am writing this and I am on episode 7 of this show after having started it earlier in the night. This show is a comedy written, directed and starring Aziz Ansari one of the lead actors in Parks and Recreation.  Master of None follows our main character Dev as he deals with the life of dating, getting acting gigs that aren’t racist and the trials and tribulations of being an Indian American man.  It has that awkward type of humour but not done so terribly that you also feel awkward more like the kind of humour you can relate to.


What about you guys, What shows are you enjoying at the moment? Do you watch any of these with us or have some good show recommendations we’d love to hear them.

Also do any of you have a problem with adaptations as well?

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2 responses to “Top Ten TV Shows We Are Currently Watching

  1. I am soooo behind on TV shows! I haven’t watched Arrow or Agent Carter yet, though I mean to. I was really looking forward to Supergirl, but I haven’t had time to watch it yet. Same goes for catching up on the latest season of Downton Abbey, though I will admit I preferred the first few seasons.

    Michelle, I don’t think we’re TV-compatible haha. I only managed to watch the first half of AHS season 1… I generally don’t watch horror movies or shows because I get scared easily. There are a few exceptions, like Walking Dead, though.

    • Ely

      There’s so much out there though, right? There are so so so many that I need to watch, but I haven’t got around to yet. If it makes you feel any better, Michelle and I aren’t TV compatible either.