Top Ten Things That Will Instantly Make Us Want To Read A Book

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We all love reading OBVIOUSLY but there are some things we love reading more than others, this week’s TTT we explore what instantly makes us want to read.

If you missed out Top Ten Tuesday post from last week about unique books you can find it here.


It’s Written by Rick Riordan

You all know that to me Riordan is book king so I mean this is an obvious answer for me. At the moment I still have unread Riordan books and in the perfect world, there would always be more Riordan for me to read.

Ely said she loved it

Time and time again we have loved the same books and hated the same books. It is almost a guarantee now that if one of us like a book then the other would too. I trust her opinion like no other.


I mean I am definitely a sucker for shiny things, including books with shiny covers okay!

It’s A Rainy Day

Rainy weather provides the perfect atmosphere for a long day of reading. Just picture yourself cuddled up in bed with a steaming cup of coffee, rain pouring outside and a good book. To me this is perfection.

Kickass Heroine

If I get a whiff of a strong fucking heroine I am all over that like sauce on fries. Some of my fave heroines in the past include Paige Mahoney from The Bone Season and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus


Michelle recommends it

I trust Michelle with everything, especially book recommends. We are so similar that if she enjoys a book, I probably will too.

Unique setting

I adore books with unique settings. I’m sick of reading YA books set only in the US. Give me some more Europe. Give me Asia. Give me Africa. Give me Canada. Give me literally anywhere but the US.


I found love for mythology because of Riordan, and now I’m desperate for more. I haven’t found anything that is anywhere as good as Riordan yet, so please leave me recommendations if you have any!


You should know by now that I’m incredibly passionate about disability in books. If I find something with even the smallest mention of disability then I am 100% in. I’ve actually found some really good books because of that, and I’m hoping to talk about them in a few weeks.


WWII? Um, yes please. This is another one that should surprise no one. I love reading books set in the 40s, especially ones that are set somewhere other than England. In fact, books set in Germany are actually one of my favourite things. I just find it so interesting to read about people stuck right in the heart of it all.



Hope you liked our TTT this week guys, we love your comments as always and would also like to check your TTT’s out too. ALSO we have a Tea and Titles Pinterest now that you can check out here!

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8 responses to “Top Ten Things That Will Instantly Make Us Want To Read A Book

  1. ahhaa I love these answers. And yes if it’s by Rick, I am going to pick it up without a doubt. And totally get you about the 1940’s – any books set during the wars always catch my eye. Thanks for the posts girls.

  2. Ohh I love your lists! I’m SO with you on the shiny. *nods* Basically I’m a hopeless cover addict and I love shiny things and pretty things. And I also looooong for books set outside the US (or like Britain) and especially when it comes to fantasy. I want to see more diverse fantasy so bad. And I want to see more disability rep in diverse books. ❤️ Those things ALWAYS have me picking up a book super fast!

  3. Nice lists! New books by authors I love will always grab me; I didn’t bother putting any specific authors because after 50-ish years, I’ve got a lot of favorite authors. (Well, some of them are dead now, but there are enough living to keep me busy!) And I’m looking for more books with diverse characters these days, including disability.

  4. Your lists are fantastic, ladies. I’m not the biggest Riordan fan, but I love mythology. Definitely want more diversity in my books as well.

  5. I love rainy day reading and don’t get to do enough of it. 🙁 Kickass heroines are a draw for me too! Like Ely, I enjoy books set in other countries, and that will immediately pique my interest. I didn’t get to participate this week, but I am enjoying reading everyone’s responses. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!