Things I Want To Work On In 2018

Posted November 26, 2017 by Ely in Other / 7 Comments

Hey, everyone! I know we’ve been super silent again, but I’m working on getting some content out for you lot for the rest of 2017. Today, I thought I’d talk about some things I want to work on in 2018. These are kind of like resolutions I guess, but also not…you’ll see what I mean!

Fix my diet

My diet has kind of been all over the place since moving out of home. I’ve got my dinners worked out fine, but my breakfasts and lunches tend to be all over the place depending on whether I’m working or not, so in 2018 I’d like to fix that so that what I’m eating matches up with what I’m doing and also how much insulin I’m taking.

Produce less waste

I’ve been watching a lot of zero waste lifestyle videos lately. While I love the idea, I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet. Instead, I want to focus on being aware of how much waste I’m producing and places where I could reduce that. I’ll be sharing a post next month going more deeply into this topic.

Get more organised

My life is a mess and it has been since I left high school. I like routines, but I struggle to create productive ones. In 2018, I want to work on keeping on top of all aspects of my life rather than letting one take dominance over everything else.

Share more about disability

I’ve got some really awesome post ideas discussing disability but they require quite a bit of work which I just haven’t had the time or energy to do. That’s where getting organised will helped. So hopefully I can do that, and then share a lot more about disability on here, on my booktube channel and elsewhere.


This is a big one. Hence the caps lock. I’ve been in hospital four times this year because of my diabetes. It sucked. In 2018 I really want to stay out of hospital as much as humanly possible. I know how simple that must seem to some of you, but this is going to require a lot of work from me and my medical team.

And there we are! Let me know what you guys are working on in 2018, and I’ll see you all again in a few days!

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7 responses to “Things I Want To Work On In 2018

  1. Maddi

    I love your goals Ely – especially the one about staying out of hospital! I think I might adopt it as well ☺️

  2. These are great goals! I hope your next year is hospital free. Four times in a year is rough. I do completely understand about the organization thing. I thrived in college because I do very well with deadlines. Now, things tend to get away from me unless I have an outside reason to do them. It leaves me feeling completely unproductive!

  3. I’m still at Uni, but I’m doing a post-grad and find it difficult to keep on track when there’s no solid deadlines or classes to attend. Hope I can fix it!

  4. Great post! Hope everything works out for you. It can be very tough to keep up with all the new goals, but I’m sure you’ll do great!