Thesis Talk #5: Just Keep Swimming

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Hey, everyone! I’m back today with another thesis talk post on the request of the lovely, Dina. She mentioned she missed these posts, and I will write any post that people ask me for, so here you are Dina!

So, what’s been happening in the land of the thesis? How’s it going? How am I going?


My Second Chapter Is Almost Done

I’ve been writing this one for a few weeks now and it’s almost done. It’s currently with a supervisor for a quick look over before I do some more writing and then hand in the draft. I’m happy with where it’s going so far.

Chapter Three Is Underway

While my supervisor looks through that second chapter, I’ve started the barebone work of chapter three. There’s a certain amount of it I can write without having finished chapter two, so I’ve been doing that. The hope is that once I’ve finished chapter two, I can just add the final touches to this, and hey presto!

What’s Left To Do?

After those chapters are done, it’s time for an edit and then to write the introduction and conclusions. Plus what currently feels like the endless number of references that need to go in my bibliography.

How Am I Feeling?

Stressed. Honestly, I feel like crying about it some days, but my motto (as with life in general), is to just keep swimming!

And there you go! That’s thesis talk number five done. I’m thinking I’ll probably have another three or four posts left of this series, maybe more depending on this one post I have planned that might end up having to be halved. Anyway, thanks to Dina for her request. I hope you’re all having a good day, and I will see you (hopefully) in a few days!

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  1. Yeah, it’s hard to stay upbeat when you are focusing on something so intensely. I wrote my thesis on Harry Potter, and I still haven’t managed to look at the material with the same enjoyment. I like “just keep swimming” as a life motto. Do you have to print this thesis a million times to reread it and submit it to the supervisors? I remember having many, many copies before the final version was published. You’re doing great, Ely! Keep at it. *Hugs*

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