Thesis Talk #4: Some Good News

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Guys, I finally have some good news relating to my thesis!

My first chapter is mostly done! I say ‘mostly’ because I’m waiting for clarification on something from my supervisor, but after that, it’s done! For now…

Naturally, I still have lots of edits to do and that sort of thing, but the first draft will officially be finished. I can’t put into words how amazing that feels. I guess I feel like, for the first time, that I will actually get this done. I’ve been feeling pretty down about this for months, and have been stressing that I wasn’t going to finish even with an extension but now I’m feeling more confident than I have since I started.

Of course, that’s helped by the fact that I’ve already started my second chapter. I mean, everything is coming up Ely with this thesis right now. I honestly didn’t mean to, but I’ve already written 500 words of this second chapter. I’d started it with the thought of just getting down a few ideas so that starting wouldn’t be so daunting once I got my research done, and then suddenly I had 500 words that I’m actually really proud of. It feels pretty good.

So what’s next?

Well, I’m glad you asked. After I fix that last thing, this draft goes off to my supervisor for editing. That’s going to take about two weeks, and during that I’ve set myself a few goals.

1. I want to reread The War that Saved My Life and take notes
2. From there, I’ll know my research plan
3. Read. Read. Read.
4. Hopefully, get down another 500 or so words!

So that’s what’s been going on in regards to my thesis lately. Let me know what exciting things have been happening with you!

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