Thesis Talk #2: A Bump in the Road

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Before we get started with this post, I want to apologise for seriously dropping the ball this week. I meant to keep this blog active while Michelle was away but couldn’t find the motivation to actually blog. I’m pushing through that today to bring you another thesis talk.

If you didn’t see the original post, you can find it here.

This post is kind of a mix of thesis and personal stuff. So first, let’s talk about where I am.

The semester is over, which means I know have about a month off. Of course, because I’m working, there’s really no time off. That’s been making me feel really overwhelmed and stressed. I’m worried I won’t finish my thesis, even though it’s not due until October.

My Plans for the next week

I like to take things week by week, and sometimes even day by day. I’ve been struggling with some stuff lately, as I’ll talk about in a minute, but it means that my plans have changed. This is what I’m hoping to achieve from tomorrow to next Saturday;

1. Reread The War That Saved my Life and take notes
2. Reread Extraordinary Bodies and take notes
3. Read two other critical texts
4. Decide on structure for chapters

So those are all reasonably easy things to complete for next week. I’m hoping to really knuckle down in July and get my first draft written, which means I really need to prepare for that.

The Personal Stuff

So, at the very end of May/start of June, things went seriously downhill in my personal life. May is Mother’s Day and my late mum’s birthday, so I was already feeling pretty fragile. Things just got a bit too much. I cried for about three days non-stop, and I felt so depressed, anxious and overwhelmed that one of my friends took me to the emergency department. I started back on anti-anxiety meds the day after, and I’m feeling a little better.

I’ve really been struggling to keep myself motivated and positive, not just about my thesis but about life in general. Michelle has been supporting me through it, as she always has, but there have been some tough days. Today is one of those days.

So that’s why I’ve been kind of quiet on here lately. I’m trying to push on.

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One response to “Thesis Talk #2: A Bump in the Road

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time, Ely. Try not to feel obligated to blog – it might just add stress you don’t need on top of everything else that’s going on. I hope things start to look up a bit for you soon 🙂