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So the other day Val and I somehow ended up talking about blogger apocalypse teams on Twitter. It was all fun and games—mostly me pointing out to Val how awful I’d be on any team due to my extreme laziness (Michelle will back me up on this), but then I got thinking about who I’d actually want on team. Now, I present to you—the blog squad tag!

Let me tell you about my team.


Val of The Innocent Smiley: Firstly, she would legitimately fly out here and murder me in my sleep if I didn’t include her. Secondly, she is super smart. Also, she shares my love for puppies, mine especially. That’s the kind of person you want to have your back.

Michelle: If the world comes to a fiery end (or really any of kind of end), I’m going to need my bestest friend. Who else is going to listen to me groan about the lack of tea in this apocalyptic world? No one but Mich, I tell ya. I mean, she already listens to me rant about everything now. I’ve also decided we still have books in this apocalyptic world, which means Mich and I will just fangirl and rant to one another all day, every day.

Inge of Of Wonderland: Inge is the loveliest human being on this planet—that’s a well known fact. There’s the possibility she will hate me forever for bringing her into this world (possibly) free of Rupert Graves and Love Actually DVDs, but hey, she is the emotional support of this group whether she likes it or not. Also, when the world is crashing down around us, I’m going to need someone to talk about my writing with. Who’s better at that than Inge? Literally no one.

Jamie of Books and Ladders: Don’t ask me why, but I just feel like Jamie would be a mega badass. Does she actually know how to survive in the wilderness? I have no idea, but I guess I’d find out! Plus, she’s hilarious so if she turns out to be useless survival wise, she can at least make us all laugh before we die a horrible death.

So I did actually check with Jamie, and now I'm confident in knowing that we will all die.
So I did actually check with Jamie, and now I’m confident in knowing that we will all die.

Miranda of BooKss101: Every team needs someone to document it all right? Miranda is the absolute best at this. Everyone needs an end of the world vlog. She is also probably the most positive person I know, so she’ll keep all of our spirits up even when everything sucks.

Tara: For those of you who don’t know, Tara is my dog. Yes, I want my dog with me in this world. She might look tiny and cute, but she can be tough when she wants to be. Honestly, she’s our protection. Also, if it comes down to it, she’s the one I’m saving. Sorry guys!

So that’s my apocalypse squad! Who would you put on your team? My team members—would I make your list? (Don’t feel bad if I don’t, I’m pretty useless). I’m tagging everyone on my team, plus Angel @ Angel Reads, Annika @ Hiding Books, Millicent @ Millicent Nankivell and Lara @ Another Teen Reader.


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8 responses to “The Blog Squad Tag

  1. I don’t think I would want to live in a world that doesn’t have Rupert Graves and Love Actually. Honestly, I’m not sure why you would want me in an apocalypse world in the first place, because I suck at everything! But if we can parade around in our pyjamas, I’ll think about it.

    (Thank you for the lovely words about me ♥)

    • I will try my absolute best to keep Rupert Graves alive for you, I promise. Apparently, the pyjamas thing is actually supported. We’re basically having a big pyjama party at the end of the world, and to be honest, I’m 200% up for that.

      (Eh, you’re alright :P)

  2. I agree about parading around in our pajamas! Maybe no one would take us seriously and therefore not hurt us? Is there anyone going to be around in this post apocalyptic world? Or do we have access to all the food that has been abandoned?

    I’m keeping Taro Root for myself <3

    (And yes I would fly over and squish you with a pillow if you left me out here :P)

    • Yes, pyjamas are happening. Pajamas, or the other hand…you American. I’d like to think we’re alone, mostly because I hate most people. I don’t want to be murdered either, I’d rather just die at my own hand. I think we might be overthinking this…

      (I know you’ve always wanted to die beside her. Don’t hide it anymore, Val.)

  3. I really need to get around to doing this, nowww! I mean, your squad is super awesome, so I need to compile a team on par with that. ALSO I REALLY LOVE THIS TAG. So much awesomeness! Also also I was just talking to my mum about my zombie apocalypse plans annnd she’s off the team because she refused to buy me an axe (who I would name Shakespeare) so it’s time to find the right people for my team. Thanks for tagging me, hun! 😉