Ten Characters We’d Name Our Pets After

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This week is the week Michelle and I were most excited for. The second we saw it, we knew that we’d be talking about characters we’d name our pets after. The thing is—Michelle is a crazy cat lady, I am a crazy dog lady. At one point, we were considering moving in together. Can you imagine the rampage? Anyway, let’s talk about those pet names!



One of my favourite characters in the HP series, apart from Sirius Black, is his brother, Regulus. As a Slytherin myself, I feel a big connection to him. Plus, isn’t Reggie just the cutest nickname?


I love Grim from the Blackthorn & Grim series. He’s this big, burly character but he’s an absolute sweetheart. If that isn’t #doggoals then I don’t know what is…


I’m sure you’re all aware by now that I love Michael Crichton a lot. The thing is, my older brother’s name is Michael so that options out. Besides, I love saying the word Crichton—it has such a rhythm to it, in my opinion.


Yes, I am that on that level of obsession with The Great Gatsby, especially recently. I think Gatsby’s a great character—he’s really interesting and mysterious, and I always picture Leonardo DiCaprio which is great. Does me wanting to name a dog after him make me a little pretentious? It’s so cute that I don’t even care.


The book series that got me into reading in the first place was, of course, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Violet Baudelaire was my favourite character because she’s a badass inventor. I also have a character in my own book named Violet, who I adore so this is a win win situation.


My Girls <3


Wendy – Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking

Wendy is the main character of the Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking and I think its just such a perfect name for a fluffy little bunny? am I right or am I right?

Ari/Aristotle – Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

I am picturing a grey playful kitten that is also occasionally shy and I am also picturing that this kitten would be named Ari because isn’t that the cutest?

Finn – The Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

I love the name Finn, it seems like this name has been popping up in every other book and tv show lately aswell . I think this would be such a cute pupper name don’t you think?

Percy – Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Come on Percy would be such a suppppper adorable name for a playful little kitten or a fish if you want to be more accurate and relate it to the sea somehow.

 Kestrel – Winners Trilogy by Marie Rutkowski

I actually just thought adding Kestrel in would be funny because a Kestrel is actually a type of bird so I’ve totes just made a joke here aren’t I funny?


Which fictional characters would you name your pets after? and what do you think of the names we chose?mich2

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19 responses to “Ten Characters We’d Name Our Pets After

  1. I went with cat and dog names as well and had a lot of fun with them. I can’t say I’m either a cat lady or a dog lady, though!

    Kestrel and Regulus sound like good pet names.

    • Michelle

      To be fair I am an all animals lady! buttt I have two cats so I guess for the purpose of this weeks TTT I am a cat lady hehe

  2. I’d love pets named Gatsby (already have this one planned), Finn, and Aristotle! How cute! Though I did go to school with a boy named Finn, so not sure if I’d actually use that…same reason why I wouldn’t name a pet Wendy (that’s my nan’s name). I actually want to name a son Percy…but Crichton, Regulus, Violet, and Kestrel make awesome pet names too.

  3. I didn’t actually name my cats – we just kept the names they had at the shelter, which is Xena and Jango. I don’t know what the thinking behind Jango’s name was, but Xena is totally a little warrior princess! 🙂

    If we’d known how much they were going to love each other though, I think we would’ve changed their names to Romeo & Juliet! (They also like to sit in the window, and stare down at the other one outside – classic balcony scene behaviour!) 🙂

    • Michelle

      I totally understand you on this, even though it says I’m a cat lady I love dogs too and want/need one at some point in my life for sure. I love those names you’ve listed, there are just so many wonderful names out there its so hard to choose.