Ten Characters Who Deserve More Love

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By now you should know that we love to rebel when it comes to Top Ten Tuesday posts, and this week is no different. We couldn’t think of anything for the official topic, so we came up with our own instead. We’re sharing ten characters we think deserve more love.


James Mycroft from Every series

I know that the people who have read the Every series tend to love James Mycroft, but not nearly enough people have read it. Not only is it an incredible trilogy, which I talk about far too often, but Mycroft is literally the best thing to ever happen to this world. I will not rest until every agrees!

Sarah Harding from The Lost World

Sarah is a badass, intelligent scientist who kicks some dinosaur butt. Not literally, of course, because that would be seriously stupid. The point is, she actually saves people’s lives in this book, including a man who she carries up the side of a cliff on her back. Besides, she was created by Michael Crichton, and he always deserves more love.

Lina Vilkas from Between Shades of Gray

I just reread Between Shades of Gray on Sunday, so get ready to hear me talk about this book even more than usual. *cue cheering from crowd* Lina is a young teenage girl whose family has been transported to a work camp in WWII Lithuania. She and her family go through so much, and she’s an incredible character. Can we get more Lina supporters, please?

Piper McLean from Heroes of Olympus

So Annabeth is amazing (and my favourite character), but I feel like she already gets quite a bit of love. What about Piper, hey? She might not be as badass as Annabeth, but she uses her own strengths and I think that’s really cool. Out of the new demigods that were added into this series, she’s absolutely 100% my favourite.

Rio Richlin from Front Lines

I know this is a pretty recent release, which is why I want to influence people into reading this book and loving Rio. Really, you can like whichever soldier girl you want, but my favourite is Rio. Yes, she’s a badass (seeing a theme here?) but she’s also incredibly brave. It takes a lot to sign up for a war, and I know this is only an alternate history, but I think it’s still very important to know in this day and age.


Jules Demarco from Crash by Lisa McMann

Jules is funny, a hard worker and a bit of an other thinker but that is easy to justify when she keeps seeing flashes of a terrible event that is bound to happen sometime soon that she somehow has to stop. This series is very quick to read and just a whole lot of fun made abundantly more fun when reading through Jules’ eyes. These books/Jules need more love stat!

Rachel Watts from The Every Series by Ellie Marney

Because Ely and I often have the same ideas and opinions (because we are the same person). We both have apparently come here to spread out love of the Every series albeit for different characters. Rachel is smart and loyal and a very strong female character that you can really get behind. Just read this series guys and you’ll see why.


Sage from The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage is basically the king of sarcasm and since my humour is 90% sarcasm, I could totally dig this character and if you are anything like me then you will too. Sage is not just an expert at sarcasm he is also witty and a skilled climber. What more could you want?

Kestrel from The Winners Curse by Marie Rutkoski

I can understand why some people would disagree with me quite ardently that Kestrel is not a good person/character but I’d have to disagree. I would consider Kestrel a very strong female character because she fights her battles with her mind and I enjoy the clever way she goes about things despite having a lot go against her favour.

Hazel Levesque from The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Again with the copying Ely haha but honestly we both love these books and I really need to catch up and finally finish this series but before then let me profess my love for Hazel. Hazel is sweet and and an incredible friend this is a miracle considering the kind of upbringing she’s had. I just think that some of Riordans other characters get a lot more love then her and I feel she deserves it….at the moment at least, I mean she could turn out evil what do I know?

Anyway guys, thus concludes another top ten tuesday, what did you think of our change of topic this week? D you love some of these characters as much as we do? We’d love it if you could recommend some books with some of your favourite characters too, the more the merrier 🙂


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3 responses to “Ten Characters Who Deserve More Love

  1. I KNOW NO ONE. Except Rio from Front Lines and also Kestrel from the Winner’s Curse. To be honest, I don’t MIND Kestrel. But I don’t love love her. I also read that book last year, so I don’t know, I don’t remember her much ahahah.

    Well I should probably read this other books. I haven’t read anything by Rick Riordan whoops.

    • YOU ARE THE WORST. Ignore Rick Riordan for a moment, you HAVE to read Between Shades of Gray ASAP. Get on it, Valerie.