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Tea & Titles is a primarily YA literature review blog run by Ely and Michelle. While YA is our main passion, we’ll also be bringing you posts on New Adult, comics, graphic novels, movies, TV and a whole lot of other stuff. Tea & Titles was established on the 3rd of August, 2015.

Hi! I’m Ely, a 21 year old from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been obsessed with books for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been blogging about them for five years. I’m currently writing a thesis on disability in YA with plans to apply for a Masters in a similar field. As well as reading them, I love writing books, or at least I write books (my feelings towards them change depending on whether there is actually any ‘writing’ happening). After graduation, I hope to work in the Publishing industry, doing something cool—I don’t know what yet!

Hey Guys, I’m Michelle, I am 21 and from Melbourne, Australia. I currently work in a rather draining retail job but it feeds my book buying habits so I can’t complain too much. I am an avid reader and have been since I was a child. My love for books has only grown as I’ve aged and I see no change to that any time soon. Besides reading I also enjoy spending time with my cats and watching entire seasons of tv shows far too quickly usually with some wine involved. I am rather new to blogging so go easy with me—it is something I’ve always wanted to do and along with my booktube channel I hope to spread my love of books far and wide.

The two of us met in June 2014 at the first ever Melbourne Booktube meet-up, if you’re interested in seeing a vlog of that first day please check out our friend Miranda’s. Everyone at the meet-up got along incredibly well, and only a few weeks later, in August the two of us, as well as our friends Miranda and Nicole flew up to Book Expo Australia in Sydney for the weekend, after only meeting once before. What could have gone terribly, ended up being an amazing trip and bought us all closer. In the months since, we’ve been become closer and closer—mainly due to our mutual love of the same books and our love of eating…everything. Now that Ely (being the terrible person she is) has left Michelle behind for Europe, we spend too much of our time talking on Facebook and tweeting one another…at the same time.

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  1. Hi Michelle and Ely,

    I sent an email however it didn’t go through for some reason. I am an Australian indie author and I am just writing to see if either of you are interested in reading and reviewing my new adult romance. It follows the MC in her last year of school and beyond. I’ll include the Amazon link so you can check it out.

    I am happy to email the ePub or it is currently free on Amazon, Apple, smashwords etc.

    Thank you for your consideration!

          • She’s very sweet. I saw that she went and recommended it to a bunch of people on Goodreads, which was such a lovely thing to do. I’ve been scouting Twitter for bloggers and found you through Books and Ladders. I hope it’s all right if I stop by at some point in the future with a proper review request, if you’re open to receiving them at the time. Otherwise, my book is free in multiple formats on Smashwords if you ever feel like downloading a freebie. 🙂

          • Oh, Jamie—she’s lovely too! I’d be honoured to read your book, Sarah, or to help you in any other way 🙂

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