RYBSAT Round Ten Wrap-Up

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For the last two weeks, we’ve been participating in Round 10 of RYBSAT. If you want to learn more about the read-a-thon, you can do so from our TBR. Today, we’re wrapping up everything that we read.


This is what my TBR looked like, and let me tell you—it didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I read A Pocket Full of Rye before the event started, which was my plan. Then I read A Pocketful of Eyes. I really enjoyed both of them. Next up, I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but it took me quite a few days so I read The Secret Science of Magic and a book for Uni, Foucault: A Short Introduction in the meantime. I started Out of the Easy but didn’t really feel up to it—I decided to put it down rather than push on and not enjoy it. I also started Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams but had the same problem.

I’d hope to do much better than I did, but all in all, I think I did okay.


Above is the tbr I had set for the most recent round of RYBSAT, I had planned to read 4 books which is about average for me in 2 weeks but I did not quite make it there. I started the first week off by finishing the current book I was reading at the time which was Gemina by Amy Kauffman and Jay Kristoff which by the way I loved. Instead of picking up Demon Road I picked up Aussie author Melissa Keils new book The Secret Science of Magic as It was a review copy that I had to read by a certain date. THEN I still didn’t pick up Demon road and read a poetry book by R.M. Drake called A Beautiful Chaos which had some very lovely pieces. By this time it was the second week of RYBSAT and I finalllly picked up Demon Road by Derek Landry it was a fairly large book and in my opinion a bit juvenile so it took me the whole week to read it. In the end I gave it 3 stars, it was okay but I wouldn’t pick it again.

So all in all I read a fair bit but not much on my RYBSAT TBR, oops!

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2 responses to “RYBSAT Round Ten Wrap-Up

  1. Oh, you two did much better than I did! By the way, I love your new theme/layout. So beautiful. Awesome work. Are you participating in Tome Topple by any chance?

    • Michelle

      Thanks Dina, Ely is responsible for our pretty new look. She’s amaze. We aren’t sorry Dina, we are just going with how we feel for the rest of the month I think. Goodluck though!