5 Places I Really Want to Visit

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I’m mixing it up a little today and talking about some non-bookish things. I’m talking about five places I really want to visit, to be exact. Before I start, I have to give props to Michelle for giving me this idea. Thanks, bae.


Some of you might know that I’m learning German, and I have a general obsession with Germany. I’ve been to a couple of German cities already—Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Munich, which were all beautiful but I want to see Berlin. This also has a bit of a family connection as my grandpa was stationed in Berlin during the War.


I’ve wanted to visit Canada for as long as I can remember. In fact, this has been something my entire family has always wanted to do but we never have. The days of family holidays are long gone, but I will make it to Canada one day!


If you know anything about me, you’re probably aware of my love for Wales. My mum lived in Cardiff by herself for four years when she was my age. More specifically, she lived in Ely, just outside of Cardiff. Yes, that’s in part where my name comes from, although I pronounce it as Ellie, instead of the ‘real’ pronunciation.


I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the U.S. There’s just so much there, and some of it honestly doesn’t interest me. One place I do want to visit is Chicago. One of my best friends in the entire world lives near-ish to the city, and it would mean everything to me if I got the chance to visit her.


This is kind of a cheat because I have been to Amsterdam before, but I was on a bus tour and I only got to spend a few hours there. I wasn’t sure whether I’d like the city, but it was gorgeous and I want to go back. Of course, I need to make it to the Anne Frank Haus. I admitted defeat last time due to the amount of stairs and the problem that causes with my disability, but one day I am going to make it into the Annexe, even if it means I can’t walk for days afterwards.

I know this is very Europe based, but honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to visit Asia. This might be ignorant of me (in which case, please do correct me), but Asia is quite busy, right? I don’t do so well in large crowds, or very noisy places. I want to visit one day, especially Japan, but my anxiety is way too bad for that right now. This certainly isn’t a full list of places, or even a quarter of it, but these are my top places as of this very moment.


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25 responses to “5 Places I Really Want to Visit

  1. YES COME TO CANADA!!! (though I am biased since I live here). I’ve always wanted to visit Italy and Greece. And also Turkey!

    • Where would you absolutely recommend I go in Canada? I haven’t been to Greece or Turkey, but I had a super awful experience in Italy 🙁

  2. OMG you should totally come to Canada! There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a city person, a small town person or outdoorsy. I also really want to go to Amsterdam, I almost did but for one reason or another it didn’t pull through 🙁 One day!

  3. Woop! Come to Cardiff! Although, unless you *really* know which streets are ok… I’d stay clear of Ely itself, just a tip! Plus if/when you visit Cardiff, you can also visit the Bay, Swansea, the Vale, Gower… many pretty places!

    • My plan was to drive through Ely in a locked, bullet-proof car and just hope for the best. I was meant to study in Swansea, so I would like to make it there one day too.

      • That sounds like an excellent method of going through Ely in all honesty… lol! 😉

        If/when you make it to Wales you’ll have to give me a call! Although I’m possibly a big let-down in person 😉

        • LIES! I’m actually the most awkward human, so I can just embarrass you enough that you’ll never want me to come back to Wales ever. (But seriously, hopefully moving to the beautiful UK in 2017/18)

  4. BERLIN, YESSS. And Amsterdam sounds amazing as well!

    Omg, don’t be afraid of the U.S. It’s just a bunch of fields and deep-fried food, tbh, although there are a few really cool cities here. New Orleans is one of my favorites, although it deeply resembles a European city. Pro tip for if you come: gunshots have fewer echoes than fireworks.

    I’d love to go to New Zealand (HOBBIT HOLESSSS), Italy, Scotland/Ireland/Wales, Austria, and back to NOLA. Honestly, I’d live in that city if I could <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    • There are a couple of things that terrify me about the U.S. The food is actually one of them. I don’t love deep-fried food, or too much fast food so it’d be interesting. Oh, okay. That’s great. Thanks for that. Yeah, I’ve never seen, let alone heard a gun in a real life.

      NZ is gorgeous, though it is seriously mostly sheep. Scotland is gorgeous, especially Edinburgh.

  5. Wow. Way to not include my place on here. Who do you think you are?

    Just kidding (not). I want to go visit Berlin too, because I have also been to Munich but not anywhere else. Also Canada is fun! But cold.

    • Edit: Val’s house.
      I’d love to visit Val’s house and spend all of my time admiring her cat from a distance and sending pictures of it to Michelle. I am scared that she might kidnap me and never let me return home, and since Ellie (in her above comment) just described the sound of a gun being shot to me, I feel like I should stay a safe distance from the U.S for my own health and safety.

      Better? Look at us, Munich buddies.

  6. I went to University in Cardiff and recommend it to everyone! It’s such a great city. It’s really compact, but has all the shops/pubs/etc that you’d want, plus there are beautiful parks everywhere, a castle with peacocks just wandering around, and DRAGONS 😀

    • I’m so jealous! I applied for an exchange semester at Swansea, but I didn’t get it 🙁 I actually wear a Welsh dragon on a necklace every day, so I know I’ll make it to Cardiff one day!