Ely’s November Wrap Up

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If I thought October was busy, then I really couldn’t have prepared myself for November…

I’m happier with the amount of books I read this month—there was a total of 18 overall. I think I’ve got a good mix of books there too. I have a few picture books and graphic novels, which I actually talked about in a video. I had a collection of short stories, and two poetry collections, a non-fiction, and a few Aussie’s in there too. I’ll be talking about Talking to My Country and the Obernewytn Chronicles in the weeks to come, if you’re interested in those. I’ll also being talking about The War that Saved My Life in small doses as it’s one of my Honours books. However, you can see my thoughts on Nothing Tastes As Good already!movieswrapup

I dialled back the TV/movie watching a little bit this month. I was having one of those months where I struggled to find anything that could keep my attention for more than a few minutes—I guess I was just restless and tired. I watched the first two episodes of The Crown the day it was released, but then got distracted. I watched one episode of a few shows—Major Crimes, Class, Reign, Outlander, and Law & Order: SVU. My friend Sarah came over one day for a movie day—we watched Mansfield Park, The Decoy Bride and 13 episodes of Ouran Host Club

I watched two more episodes of Conviction, and three of Designated Survivor, which are my two favourite shows at the moment. I also watched the first five episode of Paranoid, which I really loved. Movie-wise, I watched The 5th Wave and Bridget Jones’ Baby—I love Bridget Jones, and the 5th Wave was alright. Finally, I watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and was actually really disappointed. It wasn’t bad, but I was just expecting more from it.writingwrapup

I failed NaNoWriMo so badly this month. I only wrote 5,000 words, which I admit is better than October but still. As much as I wish I’d written more, I accept the fact that I just did not have the time this month and when I did have a few minutes, I was blocked. I know December is going to be crazy too, but I’m hoping maybe I can get some writing done over the Christmas break.life wrap up

I worked three different jobs in November, which means I did nothing else. I’m working doing admin stuff which is the job I had last month, but I also did some babysitting and catering. I think those two jobs with drop off after the Christmas period is over, but until then I’m just happy to be building up my resume with as much experience as possible.

I’m hoping in December that I’ll be able to catch up with my friends again. I don’t remember the last time I saw someone outside of my family. I felt very depressed this month when I wasn’t working, and I’m mindful that working as much as I have been is seriously impacting on my mental health. At the same time, I can’t afford to not work as much as I do. It’s a dangerous cycle, but I’m going to dedicate some time in December for looking after myself.

How was your November? What are you looking forward to in December?


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2 responses to “Ely’s November Wrap Up

  1. Conviction is one of my current favorite shows too! I just love Hayley. I think it’s good that you’ve realized that working this much has an impact on your mental health. Right now, you may need to work this hard. But you can maybe make the extra little effort of self-care you need, because you’ve noticed it in time. I hope that made sense?

    I hope you have a wonderful December, Ely!