New Beginnings: Say Goodbye to Tea & Titles

Posted June 2, 2017 by Ely in Other / 3 Comments

Okay, so don’t completely freak out—we’re not closing T&T and never blogging again. Instead, we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves a bit. Rather than just throw you into the deep end, we thought we’d give you a heads up in this post. In the next few weeks (possibly months) we’ll be getting a new design (again!) and a new name! So yes, we are technically saying goodbye to Tea & Titles, but we’ll still be blogging.

We’ve been talking about rebranding for ages, and we finally decided to go with it. We still love books, but we are both starting to drift away from YA and into things like poetry and non-fiction and etc. More than that, we wanted to get the chance to talk about more than just books. We love movies and music as well, though our tastes are incredibly different. We are more than that though—Michelle is passionate about her vegan lifestyle, and Ely about disability. We are both passionate about feminism and female friendships and CATS. We want to share that all with you. We’ll still be talking about books, but we want to share our other passions with you too.

Starting from today, we’ll be sharing those parts of ourselves with you. We hope you’ll stick with us and support us like you have you been all this time. To help you get to us a little better and to help us write the kinds of posts you’d be interested in most, we’re opening a Q&A for us to answer later in the month. You can ask anything you like, though of course, we’ll decide which we feel comfortable answering. If you want to leave a question below then please do so, or if not thank you for reading this post! We’ll see you all tomorrow with the start of our new content!

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