Michelle’s May Wrap Up

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Can you believe that we are almost half way through the year already? it’s gone by so quick almost scarily so. I honestly still feel like its March or something, anyway enough of that let me tell you what I got up to this month.



I read 7 thangs this month, which I think is pretty good considering I was sick for a while and I’m one of those people that cant read whilst their sick. I was hoping to read 11 books this month but oh well there is always next month to give it a shot. My favourite read this month was Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas which was a five star read because it kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end and had me completely mind blown by the twist. Everything else I enjoyed very much and was a 4 star read except for A Dogs Life by Peter Mayle which was a 3 star read as it wasn’t really my type of book but had some good insights into human nature. If you have any questions on any of my opinions on any of my other reads feel free to ask and I’d be happy to let you know what I thought about each in more depth. Now lets get cracking with June!


My boyfriend and I have just finished the first season of Banshee recently and we loved it, we plan on starting the second season this coming weekend in fact so expect the second season of Banshee to be in my June wrap-up if everything goes to plan. For those interested it follows “Sheriff Hood” a man pretending to be a sheriff in a small but crime filled american town. It’s action packed and full of interesting twists and turns.

One of my favourite shows has also recently come back for its fifth and final season, Person of Interest. I watch this every Thursday with my brother watching at the same time from his house and we chat about the episode via facebook, it helps us bond and watch television since he moved out of home. It’s about artificial intelligence but also so so much more, I could not recommend this show highly enough so go forth my friends!


In terms of Movies I finally got my butt into gear and saw Captain America: Civil War in cinemas and my thoughts to be honest…I was a little underwhelmed. I was expecting maybe a little something more butttt saying that I still enjoyed the movie and I really liked the introductions of Black Panther and the new Spiderman. What were your thoughts on the movie?


I am trying to think what eventful things I’ve done this month but I don’t know if there is any. As usual I have been working my butt off and I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the retail hell that is my job and when I wasn’t doing that this month I was sick. I know, boring right?

Now that I’ve said that I didn’t do anything I have remembered a couple of things I did, thanks a lot brain.  My brother and his Fiancée had a house-warming in their new abode up in Moe ( aka the country) so my boyfriend and I drove down and we pretty much did what you do at your brother and his fiancées house-warming, got drunnnk! but that kind of backfired on me because the following night is when I fell ill *forever sad face*

I also possibly helped safe a baby possum from certain death so that’s cool! we found him/her in my boyfriends garden curled in a ball and having trouble moving. We called Wildlife Victoria and they instructed us which vet to take him/her to and how to capture the possum etc. The sad thing is we never found out if the possum actually survived or not but I like to think that even if it didn’t we helped prevent further pain.

I am really good at leaving things on a down note, sorry about that guys but like I said, may was a month full of work and sickness and we can only hope that June can provide us with bigger and better things! Wishing you all the best,




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4 responses to “Michelle’s May Wrap Up

  1. Sounds like you’ve had an interesting May! 11 books goal for June is lofty, goodluck and I’m sure you can get there. Also… Another Banshee lover! My boyfriend and I are just about to finish the fourth and final season… It’s so good. Season 2 is a little weaker if you ask me, but it gets better again!

    • Michelle

      I know it’s lofty and I am not sure I can do it but I appreciate the motivation, thankyou 🙂 Ahhhh yay! I am really interested to see where it goes. It’s so sad when shoes finish though, I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy it.

  2. I read the first volume of Lumberjanes recently and am really looking forward to reading more. Hurrah for graphic novels!

    • Michelle

      I feel like Lumberjanes keeps getting better, you will enjoy it. I read so many graphic novels, I just love comics immensely 🙂