Life Update aka I’m Back!

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Okay so this is not so much a life update as it is a post to tell you that I will be back and up and blogging from now on! Welll I dont get my internet back up and running yet until the 15th of this month buttt I am using all of my boyfriends wifi to bring you this glorious message.

I am so very thankful for all the time and effort Ely has put in whilst I haven’t been able to blog with her. She is honestly the best co-blogger anybody could ask for.

Since I’m here and I did mention somewhat of a life update let me see what I can remember about lifes recent events.

I have been reading a lot again lately, having no internet will do that too you and it seems I am reading quite a variety including a book on feminism, a fantasy , a book on mythology around the world and a Riordan ( he is his own genre). I am feeling really confident about pumping out the books this month which is a nice change for me considering this year has not been the best reading wise.

As you guys know I’ve just moved house recently and since I am a lazy avocado I am still trying to unpack all my thangs. I am serious, it took me a month to finally hang my clothes up, I’m that bad.  It is a continuous and arduous task but I am getting through it. My boyfriend is staying over at the new house for the first time next weekend so that will push me to get a move on a little.

Otherwise guys the only things that have been going on with me are my sucky retail job and a billion hours travelling on the train. I hope you are all well and I really hope to be getting back into the swing of things.


Wine and Cats  for all,



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