Last 5 Books We’ve Added to Our TBR: June Edition

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Good morning to Goodnight by Eleni Kaur

This one was recommended to me on my poetry recommendations post a few weeks back and I immediately added it to my TBR. I tend to buy poetry in bulk, so this will quite possibly make it into my Book Depo cart next time I go looking for books to buy.

Waking in Time by Angie Staton

I saw a review of this on lovely Lara’s blog. Not only do I trust Lara’s opinion, but I love time travel books. Especially ones that have that contemporary, romance hint in them too.

Girl Up by Laura Bates

This is feminist, positivity, tough issue tackling book, which basically means it’s perfect. This was recommended to me on Goodreads because I read Eat Sweat Play, so I feel like this will be a good fit for me.

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud: …And Other Poems You Half-Remember from School by Ana Sampson

I actually went to buy this off the Book Depo the other day only to find out it’s out of print. I love reading poetry anthologies as a way of finding new poets, but I’ve only been reading modern poets lately. I’d love to dabble into some classics whether this be with this book or another.

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream by Gala Darling

My girl, Mich recommended this to me recently. I trust her with my life, so of course I trust her book recs too.


Wonder Woman Volume 3: IRON by Brian Azerello

This is on my TBR for the simple reason of helping me catch up and finish this series. I’ve read volume 1 and 2 recently and really enjoyed them and the twist on the original origin story of Diana. This series also strongly features Greek Mythology which is a big interest of mine. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

The Soul Searchers Handbook by Emma Mildon

I think this book was recommended to me on goodreads based on books I had previously read and after reading a brief explanation of the book I knew it was my cup of tea. This is like a 21st Century girls guide to aromatherapy, spirituality and meditation.

Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle by Doreen Virtue

I was in a Big W the other day as I often am and went straight to the books, another regular occurance. I noticed this book and was intrigued by the tag line : How to break free of negativity and drama. I am attracted to learning how to remove negativity from my life whether it be from my own head or from others in my life and I hope this book delivers on that or at least provides me with some tools.

Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

I have been eyeing this book off for a while and I think the main reason I haven’t bought it already was the price ( about $30 at the time) but since I am on a huge non-fiction kick I have revisited the idea of picking this up. I believe this is all about learning tools to get what you want out of life and overcoming fears.

The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

I was at an Op-Shop a couple of days ago and saw this book on the shelf and basically yoinked it off the shelf without reading the blurb and bought it immediately. I now know that when I see a Christie on the shelf I don’t own, I better just grab it no questions asked. I blame Ely for this.


What have you all added to your TBR recently?

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