I’m Moving House! + Tips and Advice

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Hello all, I have some exciting news for you as you have probably guessed from the title  and that is I am moving house! I have moved 7 times previously before and I like to think that I know a little bit about it. This  move is the most challenging move I’ve done though because we are moving over 2 hours away from our current location and we have never moved such a distance before. Nevertheless my mum and I are going to give it a good hard go and here are some tips that will make it easier for us and maybe for you too.

  1. ALWAYS correctly label boxes

    This might seem completely obvious but no joke one move I just wrote Misc on every single box and didn’t know where the frick frack anything was. I suggest writing the name of the room or person on the box and a dot point list of what is in the box. eg Michelle – Books, Ornaments, Bookmarks I would also label if the box was heavy or fragile.

  2.  Don’t Pay for Boxes

    I’ve never done this before personally but I know that some people actually buy the boxes they use for packing.  I work in retail so I just take the boxes home from work but if you don’t work in retail you can still get free boxes just by asking. Most stores are happy to give you their boxes as it’s likely they were likely to not reuse them themselves.

  3.  Don’t Underestimate the TIME packing takes

    I’ve legit been packing boxes up every day for 2 weeks straight and most of that was just things in my room. Packing takes a lot of time, you want to make sure the right things are packed in the right way and you don’t want to overfill boxes and in turn make them too heavy. Granted packing wouldn’t take me so long if I wasn’t also working full time whilst I do it but it is still hefty business.

  4.  Don’t Keep Useless Shit

    Another very obvious tip but it needs to be mentioned. I’m not saying you should chuck things out, just donate them and don’t hold onto things that if you were being honest with yourself wouldnt use/wear/read again. There is no point in moving what is basically crap from one spot to another.

  5.  Don’t forget the Self- Care

    I’ve been having a hard time remembering to look after myself during this move, luckily I have my mum around to command me to rest. You wont be able to do everything all in one day, nor should you try. Spread things out do little sections each day and remember that the fun and excitement of moving isn’t going to be so fun and exciting if you don’t put your feet up a little bit.

That’s about all the tips I can think of right now, I may have moved heaps of times but I was mostly too young to remember them all let alone help. These tips were pretty much common sense but moving house is HECTIC and sometimes common sense goes out the window.



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3 responses to “I’m Moving House! + Tips and Advice

  1. Ahhh, here’s hoping your move goes smoothly! I’ve lived in the same house since I was five (I mean, except for when I headed off to college, obviously), so I barely even remember moving. It seems as though I do some version of your tip #4 every time I’m home on a school break, though – over time, stuff that used to be important and useful to me just… isn’t anymore, and that’s OK. So I’ll give it to someone who will appreciate it. ^_^ It’ll help me to have way less stuff when I move out for good!