Top Ten Book Characters We’d Like To Be For Halloween

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This weeks TTT was a Halloween Freebie round so Ely and I got together (…virtually though because she is still in England leaving me super lonely) and thought about one of the most important parts of Halloween…THE COSTUMES! So this week we are giving you a list of the top ten book characters we’d like to be for Halloween even though we don’t really do anything for Halloween  it could totally happen.

Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door – So Lola basically says in the first sentence of this book that she wants to wear a huge regency ball gown with doc martens and Marie Antoinette hair. As soon as I read that I though hmm a little weird and the more I thought about it the more I thought, I wish I were as confident with myself to do that in highschool.  I don’t think many other people would know who I was dressing as, but I would and that’s what counts.


Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz – Wizard of Oz is basically one of my fave things ever and I just think Dorothys look has soaked into my personality somehow and now I’m super attracted to gingham clothes.  I was actually thinking of dressing up as dorothy this year but it’s so hard to find gingham dresses lying around. Alas I am going as a cat.


Kestrel from The Winners Crime- I’m going to admit that the main reason I picked kestrel is so I can wear fancy ass dresses and look royal as shit. I just love imagining all the fancy twirly dresses and sparkly things  I mean sure her life had a fair she of problems but at least she always looked good right?


She-Hulk – I was honestly thinking of going for a superhero that was more well known or easier to dress as but I thought why not stick with She-Hulk, she’s my fave and since we are being hypothetical I can be whatever I desire. Probably my favourite female superhero  She-Hulk is basically all green all the time, hence the difficulty in said costume, still I would so rock green face.


Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter – Luna is not only a fellow Ravenclaw but I feel she and I share a certain quirky quality when we dress.  I just feel like it’s a somewhat perfect match. The only problem being I could not pull off a blonde wig if my life depended on it. Luna


If you saw our post a few weeks ago on our favourite female protagonists, then this (and a few others on my list) will not surprise you at all. One of my best friends and I actually worked out how we could dress as Batgirl, both for Halloween and in everyday life—we are that level of obsessed. I’ve even got the red hair (for the moment) to pull of the Barbara Gordon look.

Lily Evans from Harry Potter
Again, red hair. Plus I love Lily Evans. I totally admit it’s mostly because of fan fiction, but also Jily is my OTP until the end. I have dressed up as Lily before for a party, unfortunately no pictures exist except for this pre-costume one with my friend who dressed as Tonks.


Vhalla Yarl from Air Awakens
I’m talking like Fire Falling cover here—the badass chain mail and everything. Sure, it would be uncomfortable as hell but it’s all for the art right?

Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson
An Annabeth costume would be super simply, but still incredibly awesome. Again, Annabeth is one of my favourite female protagonists. Besides, I would totally where that Camp Half-Blood t-shirt year round.

Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events
That’s an actual cosplay. Look at it. Is it not amazing? Violet is probably my all-time favourite female protagonist. The series is the book that got me into reading, and it was Violet that made me realise that it was alright to be a little bit different from others.

So that’s another week of TTT down guys, what do you think of our character costumes? Who would you be for Halloween? We’d love to hear your answers and we’d also love to see what you picked for this weeks TTT. Until next time 🙂



4 responses to “Top Ten Book Characters We’d Like To Be For Halloween

  1. I’ve always wanted to be Annabeth for Halloween, I was just worried that no one at school would get my costume lol! Violet would make such a cool costume too! She’s so eerie and unique.

  2. KESTRAL. I would wear fancy dresses as well. AND ELY I COULD TOTALLY SEE YOU AS LUNA LOVEGOOD 🙂

    I would love to dress up as Batgirl! And that Violet cosplay is amazing!