My Experience with Flora & Fauna + Vegan Beauty Haul

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We’re jumping right in with the new content today! I gave you a little bit of warning that something like this would be coming up soon in my post about vegan beauty. I’ve been so excited about it that it’s been hard to keep quiet, but I’ve managed it. So as the title suggests, I’ll be sharing my experiences with the website Flora & Fauna as well as sharing some vegan beauty products I’ve bought recently. First things first…

Flora & Fauna

I’d been stalking the Flora and Fauna website for months before I finally decided to make this order. Flora & Fauna sells vegan products from beauty, to food to home and fashion. They are an Australian company, but they do ship worldwide. I’ve been adding and removing and readding products to my cart every time, but I gave myself a limit this time. I was only going to get samples plus a few products I couldn’t get elsewhere. I’ll talk about those products in a moment, but first I want to talk about the package itself.

It came in this really nice box, kind of how I imagine a subscription box would look like. (I’ve never actually bought one). There was even a little handwritten thank you note inside. I really appreciate things like that, and clearly a lot of thought went into creating the company. I definitely plan to keep buying from them, so much so that we’ve become affiliates so we can help support them while also helping support ourselves a bit. If you want to buy any of the products from the next photograph, then you can click through to our link here!

So as you can see, I got three lots of samples and then two full sized items. We’ve start from the top and work our way down. Firstly, I got this Ere Perez foundation sampler—it came in a pack of two; light and light/medium. I knew ‘light’ would be my shade, but it was more about testing whether it would suit my skin or not. It’s very lightweight, but it covers pretty well. I really like it, and I’ll be getting a full-sized one soon. Next sample pack was the three primer set from Zuii Organics in mint, apricot and mauve. I really liked these, but I’ve found that I mostly need the mauve one. I’ll probably get a full size of that soon. Next, I got some Hanami nail polish remover wipes—these are water-based and alcohol-free which means no allergic reaction for me! I got the Kiss my Face whitening toothpaste—I’ve using up my current one, so I haven’t tried this yet but soon! Finally, those four little pots are bronzer samplers from Lily Lolo. The last one (the palest) is really the only one I’ve used as it makes for a great highlighter.

Vegan Beauty Haul

The same day I placed that order, I also bought a few other things from other websites. Firstly, Designer Brands—this is a vegan brand in Australia. Their stuff is reasonably easy to get in stores, but I wanted to order direct from them. I ordered this perfume, Flowers, which is meant to be a vegan dupe for Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It smells pretty spot on, though the packaging honestly makes me cringe. I got this extend-a-brow thing because I thought it was worth a try. I’m not sure about it yet, but it’s okay. Then I got some standard creme gel line in brown. Finally, if you buy three things off their website you get a free gift—I chose mascara because it’s the thing I wear the most often. This one is actually really good.

I also got one thing directly from Ere Perez (the foundation I tried). This wasn’t in stock of F&F and I desperately wanted it. It’s a beetroot lip and cheek stain, and it’s my favourite thing ever. I struggle to wear lipstick sometimes because I have chronically dry and chapped lips—this gives a bit of moisture and looks pretty good. I also got a free tote bag, so score!

So that’s what I got. I think I’ll do beauty hauls and reviews in the one post in future just because I think it’s a nice way of keeping everything together. I don’t have plans to buy any more products at the moment, but we’ll see how that goes! Let me know if you check out Flora & Fauna or any of these products!

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