Ely’s January Wrap Up

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January was an interesting month to say the least. I spent the first eight days of 2016, which I was mostly unconscious for, in a hospital in Florence. I’m better now, but I had some complications with my diabetes and ended up really unwell. After that it was back to England for a few days, before I headed off to Frankfurt and then Copenhagen. When this post goes live, I’ll be on the plane over to Edinburgh, which I am super excited about. What else did I get up to in January? Well…



As you can see, I didn’t do a lot of reading this month. January was all about family for me, so I’m not overly disappointed with myself for not reading as much as I usually would. I am proud that I managed to get through three of the classics on my TBR, and I’m determined to beat that number in February. Inherit the Stars and Earth Angel (review in March) were both review copies so I’m happy to have that number going down too. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a re-read, but also was for Uni. Finally, my absolute favourite for the month was The Mark of Athena. You just can’t go wrong with Rick Riordan.


After my trip to the hospital, my dad and I went back to stay with our family in Yorkshire. I’ve got young cousins there so I got roped into seeing The Game Plan three times and The Spiderwick Chronicles. I stayed out by the airport for a few days, in which time I finally got to see the Sherlock Christmas special and the new And Then There Were None mini-series. I was kind of disappointed with Sherlock, to be quite honest, but And Then There Were None is maybe the best thing to have ever happened. Everyone needs to read the book and watch that show. In Frankfurt, I was subjected to Celebrity Big Brother UK and the German version of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Finally, I managed to watch the first three episodes of the new seasons of both Agent Carter and Pretty Little Liars. I also had to watch the Tim Burton version of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory for class.


I haven’t done a whole lot of writing since NaNoWriMo ended, but these last few days I managed to sneak in 3,000 words of editing/rewriting on Tied Together and 700 on Abditory. I’m hoping to do much more writing in February!

How was January for you guys? I hope you all had a better start to 2016 than I did. I hope you’re all ready for a super exciting and busy month here on Tea & Titles, because February is crazzzy!


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