Earth’s End by Elise Kova

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Earth's End Book Cover Earth's End
Air Awakens #3
Elise Kova
YA Fantasy
Silver Wing Press
February 11th 2016

A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.

Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire’s conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.

Well, shit.

You know how much I complained my heart was broken after reading Fire Falling? Right, so like triple it and that’s how I feel about Earth’s End right now. I honestly believe that Elise is some sort of demon who thrives off the pain of innocent readers. I mean, why else would she destroy us like this?

So Earth’s End starts off pretty much where Fire Falling ends. I can’t even begin to tell you how much anxiety I had at the start of this book. I honestly wasn’t sure that I was going to survive the first 50 pages, let alone the rest of the book. The thing was, every time I was just start to relax and was feeling really happy with where the plot was going, suddenly demon Elise would decide to absolute tear my freaking heart out all over again. I think I might need therapy by the time this series is over.

The characters are incredible as ever. I just love everyone, even the ones I kind of hate. Vhalla really grew in this, as she always does. I think it might have been my favourite Vhalla stage so far. I really liked how she actually reflected on what she’d done in the past to reach the point that she’s at now. Fritz was as perfectly and lovely as always. He is an absolute joy in this book, and I think he really deserves his own series. I will love Fritz until the day I die. My love for Daniel was just strengthened by this book. I already loved in Fire Falling, but now I’m 100% on the Daniel train. I even think I’m falling a little in love with Baldair. What are you doing to me, Elise?

I mentioned in my last review that I still didn’t trust Aldrik, and that hasn’t changed either. There’s just something about him that makes me nervous. I mean, I totally ship him and Vhalla. I don’t really know how to describe it, but there’s just something off.

Okay, so that cover is super badass right? Yeah, so is the plot. I mean, wow. Not only is the entire book super intense, but then there are these chapters that are so full-on that I don’t know how I survived them. On top of that, there’s just so much going on. There are some many different things that I need to discuss with people because oh my god. My brain feels like it’s about to explode.

We’re not even going to talk about that ending because, as usual, THAT WAS NOT OKAY, ELISE.

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