Earth Angel by Alex Apostol

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Earth Angel Book Cover Earth Angel
Kamlyn Paige #1
Alex Apostol
New Adult Paranormal
October 31st 2014
Author/Indie Books Be Seen

Kamlyn Paige is a young woman whose son was taken from her by a soul devouring demon. Now she travels the country overcoming evil while searching for revenge. On the way to freeing her son's soul, Kamlyn comes across new and old friends who help her to learn new things about herself and point her in the right direction to vindication. Every moment for the past year of Kamlyn's life has been leading up to this and now that she is aware of who she is, she may have a chance at survival.

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When it comes to my history with angel books, it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. There are some I really love like Angelfall and then others that I wasn’t so keen on like Halo. Luckily for me, Earth Angel was definitely on the good end of that spectrum.

Earth Angel is a dark, fast-paced New Adult read. There were a few moments where it felt almost Buffy-like, which is a definite plus for me. Our main character, Kamlyn Paige, is a badass but she’s got a kind, fun-loving side to her too. She was a really interesting character to read about, though there were some choices she made that made me want to scream at her. I wish we’d gotten to see a little more of her development into being a badass, rather than having it happen behind the scenes. I don’t know about anyone else, but I like seeing the main characters mess up a few times and I felt that things might have come too easily to Kamlyn. I’m hoping we get to see her grow a bit more in the second book.

Cara and Don were definitely my two favourite characters. They had some really good lines between them, and I will be seriously sad if we don’t get lots of them in the sequel. I wasn’t so keen on Sari. There wasn’t anything about him in particular that I didn’t like, I just didn’t think we got to see enough of him to make a lasting impression. Basically, he was a good character but he didn’t stand out for me. One thing I will say, there are a lot of minor characters in here that only get mentioned once or twice. I kept thinking they’d be important characters later on, but a lot of them never appeared again. Maybe they’re in the next book, I don’t know, but at times it felt a little overwhelming.

The plot moved very quickly too. There was actually quite a lot that could’ve been cut out and replaced with more important scenes. In fact, sometimes it felt like all the good action scenes were cut out and replaced with just little tidbits. I still really enjoyed the story, but there are things I would have preferred to read about. All that being said, I am excited to see where book number two, Hunted Angel, is going to take Kamlyn and her friends.

Thank you to Alex Apostol for sending me a copy of Earth Angel, and to Mark Shaw for helping organise it.


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