Top Ten Author Duos We’d LOVE To See

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Today on Top Ten Tuesday, we’re incredibly excited to be talking about the author duos we’d LOVE to write books together. So without further ado..


I know Anne and Charlotte have poems published in the same book (thank God for Charlotte), but that’s just not enough. I need a full length novel written by the two of them to suddenly resurface, or just more novels by either of them. Jane Eyre and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall are two of my favourite books ever, so I just know if they’d written one together then it would have been amazing. And yes, I’m totally ignoring Emily’s existence.

By now you should all know how much I love this two literary ladies. If I could add Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath to the mix then we’d literally have my dream squad, not even kidding. I think these two would write an amazing book together because they both create tension so well. I know a few of people that think of Daphne du Maurier as a romance author, but I think her stories always show the darker side of love. Agatha does the same thing in quite a few of her novels, only there’s a little more murder involved (only a little though).

I mean, can we all be honest…who doesn’t want to see this happen? Both Jo and Rick write incredible books. They’re fun (as well as heartbreaking) and they both have some of the most amazing characters in existence. (Can I get a hell yeah for Sirius Black?) Also, how amazing would a Harry/Percy crossover be? Does no one else think Annabeth and Hermione would be great friends?

I’ve only read one contemporary Kasie West book so far (and her Pivot Point duology), but I really, really enjoyed it. Maureen Johnson is my queen of contemporary. I could not even handle the feels if these two wrote a book together. Their characters are amazing and there’s just so MANY FEELS. I CAN’T.

Did you really think I could resist adding these two in here? Patrick Ness and Lemony Snicket are two of my all-time favourite authors. I severely embarrassed myself in front of Patrick Ness once, Lemony Snicket was a big part of my embarrassing childhood—this is a match made in heaven. Can you just imagine how mysterious and messed up this book would be? I NEED IT. *Also, there are actually pictures of Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket but I wanted to keep the mysterious thing going. I still don’t entirely believe that Lemony Snicket isn’t a real person.



aliceandsarraI feel like this book would have the most dorky and socially awkward characters ever but I also think that I would love it to shreds. The combination of Adorkable and Solitaire would basically be my ultimate contemporary. In fact I NEED this to happen, someone put the feelers out!danandsuse

A lot of people have read The Penryn and the End of Days series but not a lot have heard of Dan Krokos’ False Memory series. I would say whilst the plots are completely different they are both EXTREMELY fast paced, action packed and to be honest a little bit brutal. If these two paired together I would gurantee you a book that would have you on the edge of your seat and turning pages so quickly you’ll be wondering where the rest of it is and realise you need to wait for book two. benandmark

I feel like these two would write the most beautiful and heartbreaking book ever. Just can you imagine how sad this book would be???? CAN YOU? I honestly just want them to write a book for me to cry about we all love a good grab for the tissues, right?jenandsam

The Bone Season is one of my fave books/series but I NEEEEED more romance between Warden and Paige. My solution is a spin off book co-written with JLA because she is my queen and VERY good at le romance. In my dream fantasy land Paige and Warden and Katy and Daemon would double date and all would be well. kingandrior

If a book had the adventure and fun epic quest qualities of a Riordan book and the scary , shocking and intense themes of a King book I think I would wet my pants from excitement and scaredness? (making it a word). I actually feel like they would write and awesome fantasy together even though it’s not really Kings thing I think it would be dark and epic and extremely addictive.

We here at Tea & Titles love the idea of authors getting together and writing books, we’d love to know your top ten author combos and want to know if you agree with any of ours. Hope you are all having a good week and we will see you again soon.


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15 responses to “Top Ten Author Duos We’d LOVE To See

  1. I’d be on board to see Patrick Ness & Lemony Snicket. Those two together would create some crazy story line. 🙂

  2. I agree – I so wish the Bronte sisters would have written a book together. Maybe there’s a secret manuscript somewhere just waiting to be found 🙂

    • Ely

      This is something I dream about often. One day it’s got to be discovered. It just has to!

  3. Oooooo YES to Lemony Snicket and Patrick Ness they would create a mind-blowing wonder of a book. Like I cannot even imagine. It would just be crazy. And a book by Marcus Zusak and Benjamin Alire Saenz would kill me inside.

    Nice list you guys <3 <3 SOME AWESOME CHOICES HERE

  4. I absolutely adore your Lemony Snicket one. Though I have to admit that was my embarrassing young adult phase, I still loved the books. Also, before I opted to chose a twist on today’s topic, I was totally thinking J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan might be the one pairing I’d love to see.

  5. OMG. Stephan King and Rick Riordan!?? I want to say noooo, but I WANT TO ALSO SCREAM YES. A creeptastic demigod book is basically everything I want in life and I didn’t even know it. xD Thank you Michelle. 😉

    And I want Patrick Ness and Lemony Snicket so bad, Elly! THEY BASICALLY WOULD BE PERFECT.

      • Ely

        Don’t worry about it 😛 It’s not the worst typo of my name I’ve seen.

        And yes, Patrick and Lemony are my DREAM TEAM. It’s going to happen. It will. It has to. I NEEED IT.

    • Michelle

      It is my pleasure, if there was one person I thought would love this duo I knew it would be you. I expect there would be some world domination in their book, I know you love that kind of stuff 😛

  6. Rick Riordan and J. K. Rowling could definitely create something unforgettable together! Riordan would be also awesome with Stephen King – not a pairing I’d have ever thought of but I totally agree with your reasoning. Great lists!