Discovering Minimalism

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Recently I have been making some changes in my life, decluttering my things and asking myself what is important. Why have I been doing this? I saw a documentary.

Today I am going to talk about my forray into the minimalist lifestyle and my experiences so far, but first I thought it would be important to talk about what motivated and inspired me to get going.

Browsing netflix one day looking for interesting documentaries as I so often do I came across one that seemed appealing Minimalism : A Documentary about the Important Things. I watched and become engrossed in the idea that things are not what’s important in life, what is important are experiences, memories and those we love.  I’ve always felt like memories were more important than money but this documentary really cemented the idea into my head.

I did some further research and came across a 30 day challenge on youtube by one of my favourite youtubers Muchelle B, that was all about decluttering ( removing clutter/things from your life) and I knew I wanted to give it a go. You can watch the first video below or you can find the challenge here.

I believe that in this modern age we all have too many things. We are constantly bombarded with the message that we need to shop more and that if we buy this specific thing  then our lives will be complete. The concept of minimalism goes against all this constant bombardment to consume and to instead only surround yourself with things that bring you joy or have a purpose eg your microwave might not bring you joy but it has a purpose.

People have different ideas as to what minimalism looks like but I don’t think it is meant to look one specific way. Some think minimalsim is to have almost nothing  others believe it’s an aesthetic featuring a lot of marble and rose gold. Minimalism is just making sure what you own matters and this varies for everyone.

I started following Muchelles B’s challenge to declutter my things, however I didn’t do it in the order she specified just for time reasons. Since starting the challenge I believe I’ve gotten rid of 80% of my clothes, 40% of my books and 20% of my makeup and that is not including all the other areas that I’ve decluttered. I am still trying to find homes for things I no longer want but I have donated a few bags full of items to op-shops and given my mum some makeup. I want to sell some of my good quality items and have a garage sale eventually.

Whilst minimalism is a good project to undertake I would suggest that you keep it in mind not to throw anything out that can be used for others/ is in good quality. Donating to opshops or charities would be my first port of call for getting rid of your unwanted things.

Since learning about minimalism and decluttering my possessions I have found it easier to say no to buying more things. I am saving money and I am making use of what I already own. My tip when decluttering would be to be really truly honest with yourself about what you own, are you really going to wear that jumper you bought 3 months ago and stills has the tags on it? Probably not, so it goes.

There is still much for me to learn when it comes to minimalism but I am happy with what I have  accomplished so far and if you want more information about my experience with it so far please feel free to ask in the comments.


Thanks all for reading I hope this post wasn’t too long and boring and makes a little bit of sense.



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2 responses to “Discovering Minimalism

  1. Earlier this summer I went through my closet and donated SO MANY clothes to my local thrift shop. I definitely feel like I own way too many things, but I also tend to be super sentimental so getting rid of things can be difficult haha 🙂 I’m studying abroad this year, which I’m hoping focuses me to get rid of some of my unnecessary items. There’s only so much you can fit into a suitcase! 🙂

    Awesome post! Also, best of luck with you minimalist goals!

  2. I’m really enjoying your posts on becoming a better person this year, Michelle! Minimalism is something I try to follow as well – I’ve just donated about 40 books, I think, and have two bags filled with clothing ready to go. I like the idea of my old stuff finding an appreciative second home.