Our 2017 Bookentine TBR’s

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Bookentine is getting very close and we are so excited to be doing it for a third year in a row. It was so fun picking which books we wanted to read for this contemporary themed readathon and we would love to hear what you picked to read aswell.

If you weren’t sure about the challenges we had that you could opt to participate in, then check out our Bookentine announcement post here and get picking!


Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

This book comes so very highly recommended to me by Ely. It is one of her favourite contemporaries of ever which I mean totally makes it a must for me to read too. I have read the first couple of pages in the past and from what I read I can tell that I am going to enjoy it and really look forward to sinking my teeth into this one, I have been saving it specifically for Bookentine. This book fills both challenges of an author I haven’t read before and a book with disability.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard

So I did a very baaaad thing and ordered this from the book depository even though my goal for the year is to shrink my tbr but I need it for this readathon so that’s a totally acceptable excuse right? I have heard that this is the cutest most squishy contemporary and everyone I see has been loving it so I have really high hopes for it. This will also help me complete the challenge of reading a book with red or pink on the cover, it’s the nicest colour pink too.

The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner

I originally bought this book when I heard Emily of at Looney Literate gushing about it, she is always pretty great at contemporary recommendations so it was a good enough reason for me to buy it. I was tossing up between this and another book to read for the readathon but Ely helped steer me into this direction and I hope it pays off. From what I know of this book it’s told in multiple perspectives and one of the characters has a dad that was recently sent to prison for some sort of heinous crime which sounds interesting.


How Hard Can Love Be? by Holly Bourne

After loving Am I Normal Yet? more than life, I got this one for Christmas from my dad and I’m super excited. I’ve been desperate to read this, but I’ve been holding off for Bookentine. I know I’m going to love this, so I can’t wait to start. This fills the ‘pink or red on the cover’ challenge!

Frankie by Shivaun Plozza

This one comes very highly recommend from Michelle and some other people too. I don’t really know what to expect from this—I know the basics of the plot, but only want happens at the start. I’m very excited. This one fits the author I haven’t read before challenge.

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

I’m excited about all three books, but this one I’m next level excited. Solitaire is one of my all-time favourite books, and I am so beyond ready for this. I bought it when it came out, but I’ve been holding out to read it. I am so excited to get back into an Alice Osman book! I believe, with the help of Michelle, that this features mental illness, which ticks off the final challenge.


Are you joining in on Bookentine? If you are, then feel free to add your links (whether it be a blog post, tweet or something else) down below so we can all cheer each other on!

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11 responses to “Our 2017 Bookentine TBR’s

  1. I’m considering The Serpent King for bookentine as well. And as much as I’d like to read books by Holly Bourne especially that Am I Normal Yet? series, I still haven’t grab my copy. so next time. I’ll have my tbr post next week and link it here then 😀

  2. Radio Silence is an excellent read and I’d highly recommend it! I liked it even more than Solitaire – the characters and their experiences feel so real, plus it’s super diverse. I hope you enjoy it!

    • Michelle

      Thankyou, I’ve heard some good things and it really seems like it will be my type of thing.

  3. The only one I’ve heard out of your TBRs is The Serpent King, and I assumed that was a fantasy of some sort because of the title! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on all the others! Good luck with your TBRs! 🙂