Albums I Always Come Back Too

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I find that certain music brings back certain memories or brings back certain feelings, some music soothes and some music saddens. Today I am talking about the albums I am always coming back to because the impact they have had on my emotions and the soundtrack they’ve provided for my life can never be forgotten but most certainly can be shared.

Born To Die by Lana Del Rey

In a recent Top Ten Tuesday post, Ely and I both included Lana Del Rey as one of our favourite artists, which is actually really surprising because we rarely agree on things not book/hating people related. I discovered Lana about the time Video Games came out and she wasn’t too popular then. She had a concert in my city and tickets were only like $70 which is super cheap and I needed to see her! I actually cried when seeing her in real life and I will always remember that moment. My favourite songs on this album include National Anthem and Video Games


Stories From the City Stories from the Sea by PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey is an artist I got into because of my brother being obsessed with her. She has been in the music business for I think over 20 years  and of her 11 albums this is my favourite …from what I’ve heard ( 11 is a lot people). PJ has a strong powerful voice and great lyrics to boot. In my opinion if you like Lana Del Rey you could also get into this album despite them being completely different artists you can get the sense of influence in terms of sound. My favourites include This Mess We’re In and This Is Love

This Mess We’re In by PJ Harvey

If You Want by London Grammer

This is an album I admittedly come back to when I am feeling sad….which is far too often. I was litening to this album when I had the idea for this post actually. I had the thought that there is some music that I need to listen to at certain times because it’s the only sound that matches my emotions. This album is sad and sweet with the most amazing vocals by  front woman Hannah Reid. I often find myself pelting out their songs and just letting loose with my emotions. My favourite songs include Wasting My Young Years and Flickers

Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

Another one of my favourite artists, I have been a fan of Frank Ocean from the very beginning  of hearing his beautiful voice and soothing beats. I saw him life a couple of years ago and he came and sang for us even though he got sick, he canceled all his other shows after ours so I was very lucky. He sang beautifully despite being ill. I like to sit in a dark room and just listen to this album especially the songs Pink Matter and Bad Religion.

Pink Matter by Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000

Electra Heart by Marina and the Diamonds

At one point in my life this album described exactly how I was feeling, it was such an uncanny match of what was going on for me. I was a teenager at the time, struggling with friends and self acceptance and for the first real time ever, boys. I kind of wish I could be as cool as Marina.  The songs I related to most include Teen Idol and Lies.



Do you find that you go back to certain songs or albums when you are feeling a certain way? Does music make you feel nostalgic or does it just provide you with a beat and that’s all?

Let me know what you think and once again, Cats and Wine for all!


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2 responses to “Albums I Always Come Back Too

  1. I always go back to Marina and the Diamonds! I am really liking her most recent album, but I also like Electra Heart as well! And yay Lana Del Rey! She is also my favorite, and I’m jealous you got to go to her concert!

    As for me, I could always go back to Florence and the Machine, any album really.