Adventures with T & T: Clunes Booktown

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Welcome to another Adventures with T & T post! If you don’t know, we’ve started doing this series to share some of the fun things we do outside of blogging. Last weekend, we were lucky enough to get to go to Clunes Booktown which is a book festival in a little country town called Clunes. We had slightly different experiences, so we’re splitting this post into two!

My boyfriend and I decided to stay in a nearby town called Daylesford on Friday and Saturday night. We arrived pretty late on Friday night, so we had a pretty calm night with an episode of Bones. We woke up nice and early on Saturday morning, and the boyf drove us into Clunes. I had tickets to a 10am author talk by Hannah Kent, so we rushed into that. Afterwards, we met up with Mich and her mum and started the actual book buying.

As you’ll see in our haul tomorrow, I only bought two books. I am incredibly proud of myself for that. I had limited myself to $30 but only ended up spending $17 on books. I think that’s pretty good. At 2:30, Mich and I went off to see Clementine Ford speak. She was incredible, but she is quite the talker—the session ran overtime and she probably could have kept going. Luckily for us, she is amazing to listen to.

We said our goodbyes to Mich and her mum, and then headed back to our cottage to do some reading by the fire!

My mum and I decided to drive down to Clunes Booktown Festival on the Saturday rather than stay in a hotel in the area because we had some other engagements that weekend. The drive only ended up being 1hr and 45 mins which in Australia is not to bad let me tell you. We arrived at the event a little after 11 and basically bumped into Ely and her boyfriend in the middle of town.

Once we said out hellos it was of to book browsing and like Ely I had set myself a book buying limit of $25 dollars. I only  ended up buying two books but I am fairly happy with what I bought and was also happy that I didn’t go crazy.

After browsing and the patting of many dogs Ely and I saw Author and Public Feminist Clementine Ford for a talk. Clementine had a wealth of information and we could have listened to her for hours but unfortunately we only had an hour. I would definitely like to see her speak again and I am excited to delve into her book Fight Like a Girl.

After that was done Mum and I began our trek home, got slightly lost along the way but eventually managed to get home in one piece and exhausted!


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