Crazy News!

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So this really crazy thing happened today.

I finished the first draft of my first ever novel—Tied Together.

It was absolutely crazy, you guys. A few days ago I was complaining to Michelle about how I was never going to finish it, and then today I just blazed through and got it done.

It’s not perfect, in fact I’m 85% sure that the vast majority of it is shit but it’s done. I have a lot of editing to do on it, but I’m just so happy to have the first draft done because it means the foundations are done and I just have to build on it from here.

I’m taking a few months break before I start editing because I think if I do it any sooner then I’ll just struggle to keep motivated. I want to use that time to write some of my other novels.

Anyway, I wanted to mention this today because I’m going to do a Cait and ask for some beta readers. I’ve already got two people looking at it, which are Michelle and Vilhelmina but I’m looking for maybe another three. I warn you now, this is only a first draft, it has not been edited at all but I want a break before I start editing to get some feedback about what I need to add, or cut and what I need to make stronger etc. I’m not expecting a line-by-line edit, more a chapter-by-chapter one. If you’re interested, I’m hoping for about a two month turn-around. If after everything, you’re still up for it then please e-mail me at

If not, then thank you for reading this post anyway! Now excuse while I go celebrate with tea and cake.


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10 responses to “Crazy News!

  1. AHH HHHH “DO A CAIT”. That is an excellent phrase of action. *nods vigorously* OMG CONGRAAATS FOR FINISHING YOUR DRAFT 😀 I just finished edits today so clearly it’s a day for finishing things, amirite?! :’)

    • Ely

      I won’t lie…I have used this phrase before. THANK YOU! *throws cake and streamers* I wish my edits were done. Actually, you can do mine if you’d like 😉 (Somehow I feel like you won’t go for this)


    YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you can focus on the other billion you’ve got going, right? 😉

    Sorry I’m being a slowpoke at the moment, with work being crazy, but it’ll die down mid-September, after which I will be all available to do some heavy beta-reading! 😀

    • Ely

      I keep opening my e-mail to send it to you and then getting distracted and not sending it. Fixing this now!