5 Reasons You Should Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

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I’m a bit of a crime show enthuasist, I’ll try anything and I love most of them—Castle, Rizzoli & Isles, The Closer, Poirot, Marple. One of my absolute favourites is an Australian show called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. These are also a series of books by Kerry Greenwood, but today I just wanted to focus on the show. So here are five reasons why you should watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

The Setting
Two words for you—1920’s Melbourne. I’m sorry, that doesn’t make you flail? What? Maybe it’s just my love for all things 20’s, or the fact I’m a Melbourne girl but isn’t it awesome to have something not set in England or America? Plus, I believe it’s mostly filmed on location in Melbourne.

Miss Fisher
Phryne Fisher is perhaps the most amazing female character ever, and most definitely the best lady detective. She’s absolutely outrageous for the time, she’s a feminist, gloriously sassy and a badass.

The Costumes
It’s the 1920’s so you know it’s going to be glamorous, but wow—the detail on these costumes are insane. I wish I could just steal Phryne’s wardrobe, especially her cocktail dress and hat collections.

The Murders
Despite all these amazing aspects, I would never continued with this show without some good murders and these are always great. They’re not your typical run of the mill storylines, they’ve all got that little touch of Melbourne that puts them apart from the rest.

Detective Inspector Jack Robinson
*fans self* I don’t even know how to begin to describe Jack Robinson, he’s just such a great character. Not only is he gorgeous, but he and Phryne have amazing chemistry which brings a little extra to the show.

So there you go, my top five reasons as to why you should watch Miss Fisher’s. Have I convinced any of you yet? Do you already watch the show?


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12 responses to “5 Reasons You Should Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

  1. I love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!! My dad and I watch it together whenever I visit, and it is one of our favorite shows. You hit on every reason why I love it too!

    • Ely

      I used to watch it with my mum! I’m glad I’ve finally found someone who watches it 🙂

        • Ely

          I read the first half of one in a hospital waiting room once, but otherwise no. I should probably get to that, but I also hear Jack isn’t really in them and that makes me sad 🙁

  2. Ooooo I really need to watch this!! I am a MASSIVE fan of Miss Marple and Poirot so this sounds right up my street!!!

  3. I’ve heard good things about this series, and your post makes me think I will definitely love it! Sassy badass female lead FTW! I haven’t gotten around to looking for a copy of this, but I’m going to today – I hope it’ available for streaming! Thank you for this post!