4 Things I Loved About Stardancer

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Stardancer by Kelly Sedinger is the first book in the Song of Forgotten Stars series. It’s a YA science fiction novel, in which two Princesses, Tariana and Margeth, find themselves on a strange world after a hyperspace travel incident. Kelly and I talked on Twitter a few months back as part of the #storysocial chat, and he was nice enough to send me a copy of his book.

I loved it so much that I had too much to talk about in a review, so instead I thought I’d share 4 things I loved about Stardancer…

The world-building

The world is Stardancer is hugely detailed, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Kelly has thought of everything from food to customs to games, and none of it feels overdone or irrelevant. There’s this really beautiful scene where two of the characters are teaching each other their language—it’s one of the best scenes I’ve ever read. The best thing is that it’s very easy follow. Sci-Fi can be quite confusing at times, but I didn’t get lost in all the details here.

Girl power

The three main characters are all females. They’re all different ages and have different personalities, but they’re all incredibly well developed and play off one another nicely. There’s a really powerful (and healthy) dynamic between the three of them that really made the book for me.

Highly addictive

Every time I picked up my e-reader to read Stardancer, I would get completely lost in the world and forget everything around me. I almost missed my stop on the train a few times because I was so enthralled with this. It’s a huge book, but every time I started reading it, I’d fly through a hundred or so pages in no time.

It’s more than just sci-fi

One of my favourite things about the sci-fi genre is that it’s used to look at our own society—Stardancer is no exception. One of the main characters, Rasharri, has dark skin, which poses issues for her. I loved that we got to see this depiction of race in a way that was familiar enough to us, but was treated a little differently than what we’re used to.

If any of that takes your fancy then you can add Stardancer to your Goodreads here, and purchase it from the Book Depository here. You can also find Kelly’s website here.


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6 responses to “4 Things I Loved About Stardancer

  1. It sounds like a very unique book! I’m reading Toxic Heart right now. 🙂
    ~Katie@ cheeseandsparkles.blogspot.com

  2. THIS SOUNDS REALLY AWESOME. And my kind of book! So consider me convinced because 1) I love space and 2) I love female relationships. I’m hoping I can find this somewhere in the US (I never know with your reviews and you being Australian) because I think I need this in my life.

    • Easy: if it’s Aussie, it’ll be tagged Love OzYA…even then, you can get most of them on Book Depo. Anywaaaay, Kelly is American so it’s totally available.