4 Reasons You Should Read Yellow by Megan Jacobson

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Browsing through my bookshelves the other day I picked up this book called Yellow, as is the case when I decide what book to read next I read through the first few pages and honestly that was all it took. I had fairly low expectations coming into this book because I knew the protagonist was quite young like 13/14 ish and I also knew that ghosts were a part of the story which honestly is not something I enjoy that much. This book surprised the shit out of me and I was absolutely blown away. The writing in this book was impecable and the story was quite compelling I felt so drawn in and really wanted to get through this story and see what happens.

I feel like I am rambling a little bit so let me get to the entire point of this post. Today I will give you 4 reasons I think you should pick up Yellow by Megan Jacobson.

Great depiction of bullying

The main character Kiira at the start of the novel is kicked out of her friendship group in a most horrific way and teased throughout the novel. I felt so much for Kiira especially since I dealt with my fair share of  bullies in highschool as well. I only wish that I dealt with them as well as she did.

I think this would be a great book to read in highschool because of how beautifully this book is written and how important it’s themes are including the effects of bullying. It’s very of our time ( even though I think the book is set in the 90’s) and a lot more relatable to teens then a lot of the books they are asked to study ( you know what I mean).

Strong focus on Alcoholism

The effects of alcohol is a really important subject for me because it has touched my life and the lifes of people that I care deeply about.

Kiira’s mother has a drinking problem that spirals out of control when Kiiras dad leaves her for another woman. Kiira unfortunately is left to pick up the mess and try to deal with a mother that doesn’t want to be helped and no one believes her.

I love the way this is talked about in this book, the way Kiira deals with her mothers situation isn’t healthy but it was important for her growth and the relationship she had with her mother. I can’t discuss this too deeply because of spoilers but just know that this is an important theme in this novel and one of the many reasons I think everyone should read this book.



Willow becomes Kiiras bestfriend because they share the title of being school outcasts. Willow is so down to earth and I love how despite hardships in her life she still remains strong and lets people in. Also I love that she calls Kiira Doll Child it makes me laugh and smile.

Super beautifully written!

I thought since the main character was quite a bit younger than me and also from the characters I am used to reading that the writing might reflect this but that was very silly to me to think. This book shocked me with how well written it was and how many beautiful quotes it had in it.


“I don’t have the memories that she does, and a particular set of lyrics can’t open a box inside of me where memories curl out like wisps of smoke.”


“Because you don’t get to choose your parents, , and at some point you realise that maybe your parents just aren’t able to parent very well, but we exist, and the only choice we’ve got in the whole situation is whether we’re gonna love them anyway. It’s as simple and messy and complicated as that”


So yeah guys, basically I really loved Yellow and I think you should all give this book a go and then come and thank me haha.

As always, Cats and Wine for all


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