The 365 Poetry Challenge

Posted February 12, 2017 by Michelle in Writing / 4 Comments

Hi all, today I wanted to talk about an idea I had recently to challenge myself  and share with you something I’m planning on doing every day for a year.

From the title it seems pretty obvious what I plan on doing but let me explain it to you in a little more detail. I plan on writing at least on piece of poetry everyday for an entire year. This idea really stemmed from the fact that I love writing poetry  and hope to eventually publish a book of poems buuuut I don’t write often enough and am not producing enough work for this to happen.

I tend to write my poetry in spurts, I’ll get a sudden wind of motivation and pump out 5-10 pieces  but then it will be nothing for weeks if not months. The aim of the challenge is to push me to consistently write and to hopefully write on a broader range of topics other then love and heart break.

I started this on the 9th of Feb 2017  so I already have a couple of pieces written. I know that not every single one of these poems is going to be good, especially since it’s often coming through a little forced but my hope is that in then end I will have a somewhat decent collection of poems to work with and possibly improve on. Here is an example of my writing from a post I made last year.

If anyone would be interested in joining me in this challenge please let me know, we can talk about it and share work etc

Do you have any thoughts on this idea? I am also thinking of sharing maybe the best 3 pieces I have every month maybe in my wrap-up posts, would any of you be interested? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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4 responses to “The 365 Poetry Challenge

  1. Michelle,
    I’d like to join you in this challenge, but to expand it a bit. I want to write more than one thing per day: a poem and a bunch of scenes from my story (my first!). Would love to read more on your process as a poetess.

  2. I would love to join you! I would definitely need the encouragement and someone to be held accountable to. Let me know if you want to figure something out!

  3. That should be great! Good luck, just imagine all those pieces you will have written by the end of the year. 🙂