3 non-fiction reccomendations

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If you have been reading pretty much any of my posts recently you’d know that I have been reading a fair bit of Non-fiction. Today I thought I’d share 3 recommendations I have for you of some good non-fic reads ranging from business management to self-love.

She Means Business by Carrie Green

She Means Business is basically a step by step guide to getting a business started and becoming an entrepreneur.  I found this book well written and not dry at all which is great and very informative. Carrie takes you through steps to helping you discover what you want from your business and how to get it going.

This book is interspersed with real stories from Carrie and her clients and friends and how they struggled but ultimately triumphed in the world of business. As someone that is looking into creating a business and becoming an entrepreneur this book was an inspiring and informative guide.

Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling

Radical Self-Love is and absolutely beautiful book that goes through different areas of life and gives you a run down on how you can improve these aspects of your life and add some self-love. Gala talks themes like fashion and personal style as well as relationships and asks you some important questions.

I love this book because I felt it was really practical for the modern young woman ( though many older woman would love it too) and her struggles today. It can be very hard living in a world that often seems it doesn’t want you. Gala gives you the motivation, inspiration and hope to help you change your life around and she does this with cute pictures and easy to read format.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret is an iconic book having it’s own documentary and everything. I was intrigued to read this book because I had started researching ‘the law of attraction’ a lot on youtube and this book is basically the most famous book written about the subject.  The Secret is as I said about the law of attraction and if I were to simplify it I would say it’s about how positive thoughts become positive things.

I listened to this book on audio and I watched the documentary ( available on youtube and netflix) and I believe the ideas and thoughts in this book are quite powerful. I still haven’t mastered the act of the law of attraction but I believe in it’s power and I highly suggest you pick up this read and begin learning all about it.


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4 responses to “3 non-fiction reccomendations

  1. As someone who tends to avoid non fiction, I guess it’s no surprise that I haven’t heard of these books before but I’m definitely going to keep an eye on them. I think it’s time I started branching out and trying other genres outside of fantasy and contemporary haha.

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I, too, had read Gala Darling’s book. It was a good introduction to self love, definitely. Haven’t read The Secret, but I did notice the documentary on Netflix. I’ll give it a shot. Have you heard of Gabrielle Bernstien? She writes books derived from A Course in Miracles. It’s also kind of similar to the Law of Attraction. There’s also Danielle Laporte, whose books are interesting but like way too overpriced for what they are. Marie Forleo has a nice YouTube channel on self help/motivational type of things.
    I could talk all day about this stuff. Definitely give me a shout if you want to geek out, or share thoughts on these concepts and habits.
    Big hug for you. You’re doing great work.

  3. I’ve been trying to get into reading one nonfiction book a month and this definitely helps. Thanks for posting!!