20+ Book Blog Post Ideas

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Hi all, I’ve decided to do a bit of an blog post ideas/ suggestions post for you today as I thought it might be helpful for others as I know I personally often struggle with blog ideas. I hope you like my ideas and feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

1-  A favourite books post ie. Show your faveourite books or show your fave books of x genre

2- Diverse book reccomendations

3- TBR post,  this can be for a readathon or a weekly/monthly tbr

4- Books you want to read or books in x genre you want to read

5-  List reason to read a certain book eg 5 reasons to read Harry Potter

6- If you like this book ( insert name) try this book ( insert name)

7-  Similarly if you like this movie ( insert name) try this book ( insert name)

8- Talk about books you didn’t finish or enjoy and why

9- Spread the love and  make a post showcasing your fave bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers etc

10- Post about your current read, how you are liking it what you would read next etc

11- Do a meme such as Top Ten Tuesday

12- List your favourite book characters or a version of this eg. Faveourite baddass heroines

13- Review a book or do several mini book reviews

14- Best book on the subject of __________ eg Best books on Dragons

15- Books you are excited for ie books that haven’t been released yet that you are looking forward too

16-  Most read authors post ie listing your most read authors

17-  Discuss struggles that you’ve had with certain books, is a book you’ve read problematic? Or was the book advertised wrong? give thoughts and opinions

18-  Favourite book series post

19- Similarly favourite standalone books

20- Series you haven’t finished reading …or

21- Series you wont finish reading

22- Rant! Something bothering you? Sick of cover changes? RANT it out

23- Make a post about post ideas 😉



Thanks guys I hope you liked this post and have taken some good ideas from it. I’m always looking for more blog post ideas so feel free to mention more and let’s grow this list.



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3 responses to “20+ Book Blog Post Ideas

  1. I love this post! I feel like all of these ideas are pretty simple, but they’re great posts. I’ve been wanting to do a “series I refuse to read/finish” post for a while now, but I always forget to.